Thursday, October 31, 2013

A look into the skull

My drawing with ink

Not Crystal one, not Mayan or Aztec origins.
I drew it with ink.
He’s staring in my soul, as if asking for the candy,
a special one, ‘Monpasie’, (called in a honor
of the Duchess of Montpensier, for the novels 
of Duma); we  enjoyed them while were watching 
cartoons in a little movie theatre, not knowing that
sweets – harmful… though we never could overeat…

Resting skull! As if it able to do something else…
what if it could...

In the cell’s memory black ink attack…blows…
Ammunition has arrived, a train after train.
This is not within his power to stop them,
to pretend – no reason to fight… .
He stands tall to deliver, to hold, to support
the ordnance until everything... slows... down,
sounds – not real, like in the silent movie...
a sudden explOsion…
echoing  voice of commander:
 “Lie down!”

As if into invisible wall, bombshell dust,
stirred with a fright, - forever absorbed through
skin pores...

Eyes’ sockets, have known hot tears, injustice,
fullness of feelings, cooled down and dried, 
seem found long-awaited peace, and only the 
string of sleighs with kids enlivens their ghostly 
soaring, reflected in the crystal ball of time.

Time – squeezed etheric essence, impales 
millennium matrix. Sometimes trapped in hard 
to crack small candy, it’s  slowly dissolving in 
the cauldron of reality…

Inspired by Theme Thursday, dedicated to the memory of my father...

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  1. The skull has been through much indeed, nice progression through its features

  2. Skull with all its macabre leanings. Very well put. It gives full impact to the creepy feel! Nicely humbird!


  3. what an intriguing bit of imagery....from the skull to the sled of kids bringing light to the candy there in the end...and interesting journey....

  4. Very intriguing...all the aspects and traits of this skull...and the memory of what once was...interesting indeed.

  5. Filled with a lot of vivid imagery. A complex and meaningful poem! I like 'the crystal ball of time' and 'the caudron of reality.'

  6. As said above the progression from the skull to the kids candy... nice.... a little bit trick or treat with real depth...

  7. I know that cauldron of reality! I too like your trick or treat~
    I love the black ink attack~

  8. The candy, the event, the melting of the injustice of it all into reality--whew! I wonder what/how you might write differently about this man today?

  9. Almost a sensory overload of confusion, fear and bitter dose of reality.

  10. That's the same sense I had...the sensory overload...almost as a fast-forward look though the skull of mankind. I live the pov you bring!

  11. I was most struck by the eyes that have known hot tears, injustice, then found peace and, it seems, joy through his children after all he had seen. A powerful write, humbird.

  12. Here Hamlet would say "Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio...". Whatever lives we have all is turned to dust, unless we hold on a little in our writing!

  13. Mankind holds history in his bones... although memory fades in us that are living.
    An excellent interpretation of the prompt.
    Anna :o]

  14. i like the emotions involved in the journey from darkness to light, from complexity to simplicity...

  15. I love the candy filled tells a rich story xo

  16. yes, i echo Brian's take on this piece. interesting. this reminds me of those crystal skulls that no one knows where they came from but strewn in different parts of the planet possibly left by 'aliens'.