Saturday, September 29, 2012

Secret code

~ a fairy tale - a lie, but has a hint inside ~
...walking through the prairie
with no trace to follow,
watching full moon grow,
rolling with the wind,
my soul's moaning...

intertwining with sand,
irritated eyes're crying,
dazed ringing ears...
I'm longing for water...
delusion appears...

...two staring eyes
drill a hollow tunnel,
accompanied by howls
of wolf guidance:
not fighting things,
but accepting once,
and taking as shadows
within the core...
don't look back or
as in old fairy tale
you will turn in a stone...

let a flame of frustration
to add the thrills,
arrive in fifth dimension,
in sparkles of screen,
magic portal, invisible door,
forbidden till now...
when you've reached the shore...

enter the mystery by drawing
only to you familiar
the secret code...
the calling

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Parchment faces

This fleeting autumn
shows its quarrelsome temper,
teased with golden,
but left us red leaves,
squeezed in cold hand
of wind
with parchment faces,
with wrinkles of losses,
the chronicles,
written in world sanctuary
by time's scribe
in ancient script
10 lives ago
being oracle -

now recognizing
no symbol,
only feels in the veins
vague desire to stars,
to nature,
story telling beacon,
like native with
naive characters
inventive, but broken,
holding the trust in me,
the oracle.

Hopes, believes and stories -
cascading as brooks
between hills,
through the hurdles
to bring the purity
of healing arts,
and ancient credo:
to heal with clear hearts

Friday, September 21, 2012

The choices

How's intricate the urge of baby
to rich out for the vivid toy
before him, and enjoy it...

The legend says: the key to know
the fate - to show in front of baby
couple choices - 4 subjects as
the points of the earth:

some kind of music instrument,
the abacus, the doll, and flower
to choose between them and empower
your destiny, to feel the calls;

to which the child'll be pulled first -
this hobby must be cultivated further
for successful burst... choices were woven into a braid,
and tightly tied with nylon ribbon
white or brown,

I have been dressed in uniform in school -
just listen, follow the rules -
my rights...opinion? Really?
Is it worth to ponder?...

Dramatic change in Universe,-
no time enough to make right choice,
and every loop we're spinning faster
life carousel - there no disaster

to have 4 subjects as the points of the earth
to be impowered, to feel the call
of peaceful choice.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Call from the past

You reminded me
our perfect past,
where nobody wished
to win in class,

just survive for while
until lesson's done,
sacrificed wants
and needs for fun.

Despite what roles
in life we've played,-
we grew up somehow
being smart and brave.

Knowing roles and rules,
improvising life...-
don't lose yourself!
Speak truth while alive!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bona fide

Tearful eyes, pale face,
tall body,
bearing carefully
English lady
with bona fide

lived almost
in royal aprtments,
the manor
in England
with her aunt...
stiff forearms,
clinging to the past...

remember the last:
'will you care for
my teddy bear like
for yours one?'
there she lost
herself with toy
to care about
for so many years
to throw or enjoy...

I: what're you grateful for?
She: nothing
I: whould you like to be happy person?
She: no
I: why?
She: Life is game. How to trust people?
I: listen to your heart, your life experience.
what makes you happy?
She: Helping people.
I: so should you be healthier, happier to show
example, to inspire and uplift others?
She: Oh! (Gloving, with smile) I know I could
uplift prisoners to finding better themselves

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

one way

the hope

No limits

We're waving our arms
like tilting at mills
in novel about Don Quixote.

We're fighting ourselves,
unseen other side,
defending the dignity quote,

forgotten that light
includes any shades,
no balance aside from magic,

and quality remedy -
poison or cure
depends on abundance imagined.

We're trying to conquer
all demons inside
and bite ourselves for errors,

the truth - in knowing
perfection - mirage,
so find better you in the mirror.

Unfinished like art,
sometimes satisfied,
reflection provides food for thought,

connected with Earth
aligned with Love
will lead us in limitless world.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moon tides

Awakening I've realized
that moon tides
have changed
the history,
created new 'forks'
on the path
and up high
in the sky...

...Once white ravens
were turned in the black
by ancient Greek gods,
when they couldn't keep
the secrets...

so today, when I see
a flock of ravens
with pointed end
cutting the air
and hear
'cras, cras...'
meaning 'tomorrow'
in the dead Latin language,
I'm asking:
who told them
about the hope?
Is this promise
for better or worse
out there for
our Earth?..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn song

Summer months
took off
as if pack of
winging past
to Gulf Coast

and enjoy
clear sky
on the mission
to find
food abundance
to eat.

slipped on swamps
bending reeds,
among blossom
challenge oak
to survive.

Latter lily's gaze
I've caught
at the meadow,
lit the moment
I've met you,
filled in blank
in my faith...

Autumn treasure
by whirled leaves
this nostalgic motive
"Autumn drift
 by my window,
Autumn leaves,
 red and gold"

Saturday, September 8, 2012


When a wind
done whistling,
and leaves rest
in meditative
I squeeze into path
on tip-toe of curiosity
to sniff the essence
of fall...

to taste
curled in
mocking grin
last sunset

How easy
to slip
from the end
of my dreams -
filled with
soft enzymes
of intent,
and get lost
in tides
of whimsical
of trust...

Friday, September 7, 2012

September insight

So seriously
in clouds'

whipped cheer
on the fly

fall colors
in attraction

dancing step
wind rehearses
for while.

insight -
no delay,
no burlesque

Love gets
only flying
as ghost

warming up
for rescue

and scrabble
deer antlers
in hope
for remorse

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Auto-writing 2. Self horizon

A horizon of self...
waffle cruise
of curiosity...
check if stable clouds
to proceed...

clever chaos,
urge to express
from the order,
but loneliness survives
abundance of ego

as if Loch Ness monster
of 6th century sighted
by Irish monk,
preaching nearby,
exits from the lake,
thorny tornado of fear swirls...,
and hides in the basement,
in darkness of unknown.

What land,
grounded in future
maybe find couture
in alien culture,
sporadic phenomena segment,
in monster skin,
looking for
roller coaster...

Oh, Lord, who embodied
in Earth body
the low of gravity...
in what sql query precoded:
what next to you - sell
to have the meal,
get overweight,
walk on treadmill,
losing pounds...
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indian Summer

Indian Summer
leaves fingering after
so unexpected
It turns my knowing
of colours deeper,
never would keep it
in memory long...
In every touch thrilling
with eyes rapt on tree leaves
I feel
Voice pitch up for second
as touch has awakened
leaves fingering
in you...

Art of Balance

'Slow and steady wins the race'

We are born from collapse
of dense
one of the barriers
in star formation.

That is gravity force
give us some limitations
of movement,
so we're not flying away
of the orbits.

I'm (and you?!) standing
on planet Earth trail
shaking worlds
and planets,
another moons
and fates,
human paths
on my Libra scale.
I think I'm in peace
and in balance...

We're spinning with planet,
but staying together
we must
strong enough force,
rotate not too fast,
breakups source.

Responsible for our actions,
we're giving the rise
to a magnetic field,
pinching off pieces of sun,
create solar wind,

uniting with air molecules' heights
above our planet's magnetic poles,
begin to glow,
along with aurora -
Northern and Southern lights.
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Solar flair

With light motion
remote control
and human mind set
in electrical
how powerful
and meaningful role -
created response
light's drilling
the path
for energy flowing,
harmful memory,
changes who we are,
aligned with light
in future
we're moving
a greatness,
pulsing with Star