Saturday, October 12, 2013


They –twins (kind of)
the same initials
and both inspire me

into my spare time
I hire the evidence
of my despair

while one is quiet charming,
soft mannered, another –
extrovertly expansive:
‘when one’s acting – the elbow
should be moving’ - 
‘It’s honor if you
 photograph my work’.

But with no words
the vivid lines
explaining motto.

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  1. A lot can be seen in between, even if looks the same and one is tame

  2. very interesting, leaves me wanting to know more... Like the photo, it seems I am painting a lot of worlds lately...while we share so much we are as vastly different as the stars.

  3. i hire the evidence of my despair....interesting line...i think as poets we put all our feelings into play in creating our works....interesting too how twins can be so different...