Friday, February 28, 2014


Art by W. T. Benda

Eternal sleep
your sparkling eyes

The angels, friends
the loss.

Long-awaited peace
reigned over
your feet.

Countless lives…
this role

A beautiful dancer,
the rickshaw, clowness,
the teacher & healer

Drawn to feast
sunset of life
righteous and thrilling. 

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Rocks by LWilsonArt

I floated adrift
whistled with wind
chirped like bird
slowed down
when my boat hit
the hidden rock…

Rocks rolled restlessly
under estimated boat
sent circles/signals
helpless to find dry land
in the darkness
of thoughts

thrown back
by wild wave
it had endurance inside
but outer

If you tarry me
you’ll lose the luck
so, I will walk ahead
but with my speed
this mild wind
like sigh…forgive

I’m going to keep
in heart insights.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The match

 The Train Station Abstract Painting
photo by 5erg

Time in training
I never would trade
Travel to every
new station

Fill in the blanks:
Your train __
Your ticket __
Your price to pay __

We’re barbarians, beasts,
aspired to eat
every  'villain',
grew out of the ground
in the way,
with slurp,
risking to scratch the skin,
but never a soul
as long as we travel
with purpose
whenever your spirit
been called.

The challenge-
to recognize the match
inside to emotional burst
you came up against,
and when it’s painful,
you might recoil
at first…

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dissolving lines

 Artist Brenda Thebeau
Art by Brenda Thebeau @

Something floating between us
the invisible air mass
changing form with each breath and heartbeat,
and when shivering between winter nights
or restless, humming half-foreign sign-
I murmur along the labyrinth sides
making no sense, finding insights
back on the path with forks and spoon
the healing energy,
pass on the thirsty souls,
I power up all beloved, preferred
to calmly stay in the corner,
watching your lonely  flight to the top
thru the meadow of days, sounds
and fates…

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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Poet's Sleep, 1989, by Chang Houg Ahn 

“Truth is one, paths are many.”

The egg-headed’ project
to add enzymes to test
the strength of scalp
brought many pebbles
from forcefully hatched mugs
into my open willfully window.

Modern shell/trust form
has stuck tightly
with a Light course,
blew away not so ‘high’
peep’s pokes.

Should be the sovereignty of one
worthy of the interests of many...
Truth is one...

a baker's dozen by Brenda Warren

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

When I awoke...

“I frame most memories
into poems.” E.Rinaldi

…and then I felt
a ground slipping from
under my feet,

the hat I wear-
worn – I swear –
haven’t noticed

I looked back –
it’s locked! –
my memory cell
still kept
the scars
of yesterday darts

from scratch –
we were taught –
the history
couldn't be built

its scenes
into our minds’

So, why you tell me about
the old stuff hustle
on the cupboard

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Comfort zone

 Gallery of abstract art at
by Paul Cooklin @

letters, numbers,
swinging solitude
the fingers
to recognize
the power
not to attain,
but create, -
hOver & hOver
digging in
the keys,
the muscle of
‘new normal’

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Friday, February 21, 2014

The fog

I has erected
the pyramid
of 3 words.

Under the roof
I felt cozy and safe.

Thru the windows
of my spinning world
I saw YOU.

The warmth passed
thru the chimney
filtered I.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


photo by Louis-Philippe Demers

…I mentally shredded layer by layer with my semi-ruined collection of possibilities its fragile alike cardboard essence.

Under the one human roof, we shared, I felt totally different feral & insatiable, ever-present spirit, contained crestfallen dust of failures, wounds…

Would it be there a chance to connect in dismal future through the hOurs-stones of silence…

Sunday, February 16, 2014

To wage

Fire Escape Universal Studious Instagram NYC by sessepien

“Apartment to_let”
the nightmare
to stick there
for so long…

I haven’t survived
the winter of life
with 5 corners,
atoning for sins,

my mind/heart
at court
all my tricks

found the virus
of guilt,
promoted a support
to stay brave/safe.

…the others’ life party
rolled by on bicycles
from Sullivan
also hosted dinners…

by Brenda Warren

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Taboo by greekadman

I feel as in blurry taboo,
Uncertainty’s edges perplex,
By softening facets false/true
You left, least expecting the cracks…

painting with pastels by me

I dream of significant move,
I feel as in blurry taboo,
Say, what if my step - not approved
Would I find the spot for my shoe... by hindrik

My thoughts rest against a sky brew
Impatient as horses hoof knock,
I feel as in blurry taboo
With no one to wish me ‘good luck’… by nickwheeleroz

My glass – always whole, never half
Inside – many points of view,
Say, why in the world should I draft…
I feel as in blurry taboo.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heart’s desire


Dandelion unkempt head…
wouldn’t it be cruel
to follow its ghastly


fragile, the parachutes
landed on fallow
would it be  a floret,
by heart…

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 Bey-Berk See-Saw Bull & Beat Sculpture
Bey-Berk See-Saw Bull & Bear Sculpture

I grew the trOUble  gaining
tOday/ tAngible/ trAction

in the drifting  shadows
of morning
the couple foil balloons

murmuring: change, change…
shorter breathing chain,

that finish line- closer now
than you realize…

Let imagination
be your guide
instead of seesaw

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Monday, February 10, 2014


'Hat' ~ Magpie Tales

The woman able with no batting an eye
to make three things out of nothing:
a scandal, a salad, a hat...

Nothing can stop me
while flow in streaming routine
with list to do…

to gather all guts,
grasp invisible ring,
pull  the body
to type in the word

Sunday, February 9, 2014

To feel alive

'The Blessing Bringer' ~ by Lisa Graham

…with snake/squirm/soul
probing thru whole
awake the genetic
scary trials

to pick up
the skein of
enigmatic for
that time

to pull the edge
of the string,
let follow/roll
thru life’s
forest & villages
to satisfy
the thirst…

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Theme Thursday

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hold On

to memory of
my departed friend

Gone, gone…
Just showed the path
to enlightening
for you…

YOU -  now host
year’s call
uncover, invent
new technique;
excite, empower
invite to circle.

Come on in,
hold hands
alternative palms
up/down sides,
each other pace,
feel the energy
rushing through,

intention –
we are Love,
unconditional Love,
we – on the mission…

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New set of eyes...

“New Year… disruptive energy, if we don’t learn how to harness unbridled energy…”

Rangy Rumor, whipped 2D hound roaming with acceleration around, finally stopped, distracted by my invocative whistle.
Appeared from accidently opened door the dog was standing at the base of stairs. The light from the lamp in a little corridor above has been reflected in his eyes…
No, wait, in his right eye! Red fleshing stone underlining enigmatic meaning of my encounter.
Big expressive eyes.  As if from the book by H. C. Andersen “A flint”. But instead of Cups, Wheels or Towers – the red stone, the ruby, deep crimson. “The queen of stones and the stone of kings. Talisman of passion, protection and prosperity”, - remembered from the beading brochure.

Every time, when I tried to sit snugly on the couch the dog found me and threw his rangy mass careless on…as if saying: don’t waste time.
Finally, with passive humbleness I let it happened: Rumor half sit half laid on my laps. 
Almost immediately I leaped from the coach: feeling of boiled water scared me. Next I could imagine -   his eye melting the clay figurine…

Restless, rogue Rumor found under the arm-chair with curiously watching him kid – the patchy blue on white balloon, bit it and left choked on the floor.
Probing next venture, he was sniffing poodles-twins, napping nearby.

A knock in the door defused the tensions. Rumor’s owner, dark headed teen with warm eyes and soft voice happily reunited with his puppy.

“…Mercury in Aquarius – we get ‘new set of eyes’… Self-control and patience should be a part of our survivor gear. “  - concluded the astrology forecast.


Showing your raising path.
Stretching to greet the flocks.
Melting absorbed the fears.
Thaw releasing tears.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Skilled bucolic dancer,
she tiptoed my dreams
barely fed.

Open sharp edge,
her potential
never will leave others flat.

As former adventure seeker
I miss alterative

The virtual play of senses
with synergy balance
I probe.

Brenda Warren

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The clouds of my choice

Art by Wieslaw Walkuski

I carried clouds
on my shoulders,
and eyes were
shrouded in mist,
my new grown
senses rested
against the ground-
ripe for feast.

This privilege
I took for granted…
through pore of Earth
I dug my path
to pour from
those rumbling clouds
of different shapes,
colliding  mass.

The clouds…
I could hear barely
my voice,

the clouds…
I bore them,

the clouds
of my choice…

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