Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wi's super wee

by Louise McNaught

He yearned for something Big. The most unfortunate student,
Wi always had an immeasurable sheet of problems instead of
a supper…

“Super job”, - he cheered himself, bending a clay pebble in 
the pocket of his jumpsuit.

This morning waking early Wi felt somewhat not safe. Jumping 
over the flight of stairs, he was at school in a wee.

The fireplace, a cozy spot for occasional seclusions, looked 
different. The flames, having gorged wooden board, crept up
to the base of a fireplace.. The front part was already eroded…

“…and nobody see it!” – “And you?” – the thoughts have 
Wi turned the neck for possible help. Behind the locked glass door 
he noticed the clerk, entering the office.
Heat’s reached its highest!..

-         Pphh! ……………………. - Pkshl tchss…

Still staring thru the door with raised arm, he noticed inky traces
on the face of approaching clerk… 

Brenda Warren


  1. I love the sounds you end on..a mysterious story..whee!

  2. Whoa.... this is sooooo good. You've written in so much energy.

  3. the fireplace once was cozy, not so much after that haha

  4. What a tale for the imagination. Each reader will probably picture it differently. Enthralling!

  5. that last bit feels just a bit menacing...
    i am not sure if that feeling of ill will
    may still not come true...

  6. You've captured my attention with your tale!

  7. I like how we can interpret the ending each in our own way!

  8. Your story poem here is amazing! and the tales you tell are all so wonderful!

    The ending is a mystery. :)

  9. I enjoy a mystery. Well wordled.

  10. OH I loved reading much I read it twice! Delightful :)

  11. A fitting tale for all hallow's eve.......the painting is rather haunting as well.

  12. Very nice. Interesting. I read it in a creepy tone. :-)

  13. Thanks friends! Hope you have nice hallow's eve! 8-}

  14. Wonderful sounds in this mysterious piece, Irene. Thanks for visiting me and yes, I am extremely late getting back to read. Sorry.