Thursday, February 28, 2013


Crossed the bridge,
manifested life,
simply live as serve,
into moment dive,
under arches,
through the
between lines
and shapes,
between lives
with shadows,
where the goal -
survive and
no direction.
If the pitch I take
resonate with you -
I've fulfilled my fate,
I'm on 'feel right' cue...
why then foolish heart,
bathed in the love,
longing for some more,
wants to work so hard...
restless, it's ascending high
as if having power-wing to soar
to observe the path,
rapidly return,
touch the ground
like for vital score;
notice in a crowd
one more troubled face,
lend a hand,
hear the whisper:
'keep the faith

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wide, wider, the widest...

The universe is wider than our views of it.
the path runs
along the trees,
around the pond,
I've found myself
at the same place
with sign "Start"...

the same people
surrounded me,
traveling from
point A to B,
seemingly have
not recognized yet
the deja vu
where they flee.

I anticipate
my new path,
but for now -
how to bypass
perpetual circle,
where all passers-by
believe they drive
velocity vehicle.

I stop. Look around.
Look up high.
There are something
a crow's
trying to tell me
almost tore up
the throat,
its hoarse voice
performs grand plie
in my stomach...

I'm on the way
to see a nurse
to appease my
endless worry,
so if you're annoyed by
moaning voice,
please, forgive me,
I am sorry.
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I wanna to stretch
a horizon
and go behind
my borders
to search for
reflected the views
of my near future,
captured by
with simple
are you still desire
to be happy?
really happy? -
without doubt -
I will unbottle
the feelings,
and only then - act.
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Friday, February 22, 2013


...on the wall I see
more than one mask,
which one you'll wear
for following task?
living as playing,
climbing from
one stage to other, -
no rage, just
curiosity sphere,
the challenge to take
the heights,
like in sport:
winner receives reward -
comprehensive spot
in records of art -
velocity era.

When done
with the task -
you hang back
the mask, and
ask the heaven
on ascended level
for newest challenge,
that fits you the best.

Ah, this short moment
I'd like to chase
to meet with no mask,
your only face...

Monday, February 18, 2013


The roses are wilted,
the hips are bended
to touch the ground
with heedless tongue
of so dry petals
too soon forgotten
behind life bustle
to better times.

Their thorns got dulled,
the beauty no longer
attracts buzzing bugs
with mystic odor,
just grace and wisdom,
imprinted as witness,
another live flow
in labyrinth of throbs.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Energy

The Energy I feel
to close
braking walls
as well as we drink
a broth for
body, -
match your
with awakened
Image credit: by John R.Freeman Jr.

Buds for Bugs

Before they bloom
the flowers learn fast
how better to open
the hidden beauty
inside of the buds,
meant to be chosen
by bugs,
buzzing in a line
to enjoy the juices
of the best one.
Which will open
the first?
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Simple things

 In the face
of time coming
I'd love to build
the nest like
birds could do:
straw by straw;
hold the hands
with the bright
summer days,
feel at ease;
fill my lungs
with an air,
see how heart's
with a breeze.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The curve

I've entered my dream
through rear door...
why? - no one cared,
faces - bored,
just stiffened napes
cried silently for help,
forgotten how long
it takes to learn to dwell...
I was expected carry on
the burden, duty,
be attuned
to extravagance
of changing moon...
I've caught the rocking sound
arisen from the source -
so pure,
the energy of sacred heart
uplifted, warmed me up
and cured.
I felt relaxing into
awkward view,
this whimsy entrance
did not seem more
it's been the curve on
my pathway,
the gift, received
as well as served.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Two souls

My translation of lyrics for a song "Two souls" . Music - N. Topchiy, Lirycs - E. Pilipyuk
Singers: A. Malinin, E. Vaenga.

Two souls, walking through the heavens,
talked in the silence heart to heart
about land they have remembered,
and great experience impact.
About land they have remembered,
and great experience impact.

Two souls...

Two souls away from sinful Earth
led slow thoughtful conversation -
how looked for one another
and got lost in crowd,
swept thin trail of sorrow
and temptation.
Swept thin trail of sorrow
and temptation.

Two souls...

Two souls embraced under the star,
recalled their special hour of fate,
the hour, when darkness had been gone,
soul've found the path to soul mate.
The hour, when darkness had been gone,
soul've found the path to soul mate.

Two souls...

Two souls, walking through the heavens,
talked in the silence heart to heart
about land they have remembered,
and great experience impact.
About land they have remembered,
and great experience impact.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


If a consolation could be
the only thing that I need,
I would not think about
the seven wonders to meet,
I would not try to reinvent
a wheel or the home,
find a passage in a parallel world,
or communication form...

I would sit or lay on the bay,
accompanied by the seagull play,
and composing poems on one sigh -
weightless as a slight breeze,
bright as a kiss of an innocent child.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Point of view

I saw little boy,
walked under the table
at Starbucks coffee
in big little world,
observing the people,
placing the labels,
measuring steps
between 'yes' and 'no'.
He trusted the senses,
simplicity wisdom,
although separated
the crowd and the joy,
chased the ideas
despite the hardship,
challenged adults
to take leap with, oh boy.
We all grown-up
often build expectations,
forgotten to check
the vision of kids...
adults, stop!
from coffee, cocktails
take brake,
be aware:
your own caretaker
walks under the table,
reaching the top.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dance with me

Dance with me
in my wacky dream
on the darker side
of the Libra Moon,
this vacation spin -
upside down ride
downward to ground
to release the sin
with my heart desire
in a spiral move
I speed up, excited
in a circles of
concentrated thought,
focused will escort,
gliding to the roots,
to core
of my essence

Friday, February 1, 2013


I turned light off,
closed my eyes,
gave the thought
a time to relax,

don't feel regret,
agree with myself,
what else I could get
behind my cell.

The time 'to throw
the stones' has run,
before I know,
my friend, I'll be gone.

So, walk in my garden
with no doubt.
The better collection yet
hidden in heart...

The Wave

For long time
observing the shore
I can say:
I saw them all,
these waves
in color relay,
life reviving,
rewiring my brain,
eager again
to hear and answer
the dissonant chord
so long time ago
I've tried to resolve.
Here's the wave as ease
as I breathe,
touching the fiber of
my very crease,
rolling wave
from apathy to satiety,
captures all ins and outs,
without permit
and brakes for reflection,
swiftly applying
heady sedation,
doesn't fit
in today beat,
but appears
to be it.