Sunday, December 30, 2012

The evidence's found!

Never been in city Noir,
kind of lured
to see your place -
no detail should be ignored:
whether shaking hands
or a gaze...

not a lot of words
or actions,
only thoughts
intend to turn
into feelings
and emotions
to attract
excitement's thorn...

clinging at the edge
of essence,
walking between scenes
of crime,
playing a hapless
grifter presence,
you detect the
private eye...

like a policeman,
plain clothes,
found the evidence -
a card!
a gift of poem's
enclosed -
witty, excellent
and smart.

Friday, December 28, 2012

A rhythm of perception

...crumpled, squeezed
in stagnation,
skeletal muscle cramp,
by objective reality,
repeating itself
with persistence
of spam,
processing the present
through the rhythm,

in Phillip Glass music -
thirds and triads ostinato -
pause -
to hear the pattern

reality an encounter,
a synchronicity sign -
the hungry coyote...
a trickster, shape-shifter,
high sensory wired,
no tricks between us,

we often contrary
surrounded by buzz:
too brave -
a form of fear,
a loud laugh or prayer,
and weeping
while happy
in sync.

Instincts. Trust them
every split second,
filled by breath,
absorbed by new flare,
of lost essence...

what is that? how it tastes?
firm? - we will fight it,
soft? - not worth to attend.
Burping, sighing,
clinging for peaceful
to deliver
an instructive story,
connect with reality
here to teach us
the endurance in
a face of delay
without acting,
just stay

to keep an energy
and breath
to listen
to any alternative
we need the pause,
the silent mode.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Transitional Train

What a sense of living?
How to change the pattern?
All world's moving
for worse or better.
'Just wanna this beach NOW!'

Memory brings
old times'
vacations, trips...

Traveling train
uploading passengers,
platform's crowded,
my mom - the proud one,
loud applause,
first time
I'm on the trip

A conductor announces:
the train departs,
greeters, please, leave
the cars...
I'm waving goodbye
to the inner child
of mine,
that granted time,
lovely, forgotten...

Tight coupe,
calming tea
in the glass
with coasters,
strangers become
the toasts, the talk
and good luck,
playing the cards...

Taking the nap
under the lullaby:
steady soft rhythm
orchestral wheels...
crossing the border
security cry
during the night:
'stand up where you are' -
and back to the dream...

sleep till darkness,
swallowed by dawn,
burning sparks
imprinted in glass
picture of window frame
in transitional traveling train...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012

Short day. So bright.
Closed blinds.
The sun's so high
between the lines,
at North Hemisphere

here, my skin
gets dry,
I feel a thirst
of all cells,
squeezed to smile
and enjoy
new makeover...

the small bits,
stuck behind
a diaphragm,
knock in my heart -
lower back pain,
inner child cry,
being archived,
now released...

under the skin
new DNA crystal grid
been activated -
the flower of Life...

now, ready to fly,
hitching to rising sun
my sled...
riding with
the natural course
of events
in New Era!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Aka vessel of wine
the red strongest extract
filled the body of mine
your holistic impact

kid me - not:
couple cups
kept the flame
of possession,
when you worked
to release
an inflammation
in a session

to restore the balance,
and to ground an approach
wooden board
served as a scale
for reality coach.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An ideal

You think...
if only everything
could happened
like in your dream:
the right key
on the right time
open all the doors,
and on the other side
your world
accept all rules
and rituals
for happy life...
would you be satisfied then?
for how long?
until you catch
the magic
new spark
at the corner
of your eye...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The promise comes Cupido,
full of Love,
reminds about
feelings, asking out,
and begs:
do not give up,
be open to receive
the Love is beckoning
to you
at very next fork
at the road...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Too much snow...

Mild cold, 
should the weather has excuses...
snowfall forecast as accurate
as Maya's data!
Winter vigorously introduces
new snowflakes design
by divine author.
Pine trees - boasters,         
stretching prickly twigs,
strew the white invite
to crows,
pointing to
snow decor antiques,
wrapped in a cozy
winter clusters.
Too much snow,
piled up by the wind,
cars're snow-bound,
dreaming of new
winter tires,
slightly drifting as if
boats at the piers
at the boulevard
of false believes,
gone in eternity
the happy trials...


Monday, December 3, 2012

First was the thought...

Sunday pattern,
wrapped in the fog,
paint an images
in sepia tone,
plunge the brush
in the heart,
the clouds...

a courage raises,
prompts to a pathway,
down, where hectic
events are unfolding...

the crows,
trying on
different voices,
foreign hats,
the main choral
at the portal
of new dimension...

...emerge, come to surface
all, who can...

trying to sort
celebrities and not -
test the intellectual
built to check,
who dare enough
to destroy them...

the soul exhales freely -
Saturn moved away
from my sign -
I'm risking
to chase love
and life -
it's never felt
so exciting...

whatever the thought -
insights arrive
with one horned Pegasus...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Goes on...

I left the town...
unspoken words,
just sun and salt,
engraved in my soul.

Inflatable boat,
taken for lease -
grimacing smile
of joy and caprice.

Invisible anchor
pulls blinded heart
Life goes on -
a sunset, a dawn,...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

As a hound at the hunt...

...being a hound,
questioning every bush:
where to go?..
Punctured by threading rain
with needle precision,
hunting for evidence of crime,
hounded by sounds,
signs synchronicity,
tangled in the mazes
a forest sanctuary...
Smell the fire
illegal pleasure
for skilled dexterity -
whatever cool down!
Pail the water
to blow out a fire
in timely manner -
not engaging scenery...
Best result prompts
be rewarded,
innocent people
don't have to suffer,
specially when you are
the detective,
sir Sherlock Holmes,
an esquire.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Arriving on time,
taking the training -
success - 96% -
ready to serve...

Learning calms down,
but a shore disappeared...
not for weak nerve -
midst of something
5D at least...

wired around
crystalline catalyst
class B or A?
for driver maturity
take the group
to discover
the troopers and heroes
to write in
an scroll
of epoch
the happy moments
of revelation
about the life

Monday, November 12, 2012

The depth

Surfing on the reefs,
illusive waves -
the sky is smiling...

Someone has to leave,
for other -safe
to stay for while...

Dream blue water rolls
in salty shells
the seagull cry song...

Lifetime longing call -
too deep the well -
who hit the gong?..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Night butterfly
in a half-lit room
searching for source of
an enlightenment,
entangled in sheets,
revealed sudden wings -
black on white,
an insatiable will
to set on fire
with this shift of power, -
the witch craft?
the star demon,
who devours people? -
she camouflages
in black butterfly
to stay incognito...
in harmony with
a steady unceasing
cicadas choir,
replaced daytime noise, -
feel paradox
of sparkling life!

Image credit: 'Tres Picos 1955 - Salvador Dali'

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Evening cold

Mid fall dress,
puzzled faces,
way up hill
almost done.

Timing quest,
walked the traces
life embossed
in my plan.

Pulled the hood,
squeezed the temples,
focused thoughts
evening cold.

Life unfolds-
way up simple-
if you serve
soul call.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The loop

a little tragedy
of falling drop,
not mentioning
to die,
but just to get
to point
to reach the floor,
to cover...
the dry with wet,
the thirst with water,-
the weightless worth
of sacrifice
despite the gravity
of core,
when ego - oneness
with a soul...
unceasing willingness
to sate, fulfill,
to be absorbed
with no will,
to be continued
in the loop
of nature...

Friday, October 26, 2012

a cup of tea

soaking tea bag
in the cup of
hot water,
imagine us
catching the
scented star,

stirring inside
with lemon-moon
'what if',
the sour source,
longing to soar,

finding a zest
in every wee
the cover
of cozy escape,

a surreal scenery
beckoned, -
in no time
riding the wave...

Monday, October 15, 2012


Under the spell of gray sky,
falling leaves're rustling...
the gossips of summer
wrap me with cloak
of bombing petards,

somewhere inside me
crying secretly nestling...
touched by fall withering,
splitting apart...

Low swollen heavens
send nimble spy-drops
to track me...
rapidly forward,
mentally weighting the beats

I find the solace:
the voices are fading,
leaves are returning
to fall storybook
for retreat...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The spark

'Keep your face to the sun
and you will never see the shadows'
~ Helen Keller ~

The day has come
to shake those
pesky clouds
to pull the silver lining
to discover
the purity of novel sky,
vulnerability and depth
of first confession
of true love,
forever touched
the heart, forgotten
to flutter, as if
a newborn butterfly...
an aspiration
all of a sudden,
the alter voice
is breaking up...
the rendezvous lasts
in the silence...of
circulating vibes...
the new dawn spark
enchants my soul
as I push through
the solitude
with a song of lark:
the heart gets arid
and shrinks at all
if doesn't answer
kinder call

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Climbing blue hills...
more stories revealed
with hide and seek
moving, appealed
to children inside us,

who like to explore
all different characters
vibrant galore,
but we've been trained
to quash and avoid
the true little voice,
dissolved in the void...

The frisky sunbeam
touches the sky,
we recognize the face
in disguise...
Forgive for forgetting
the truth who we are,
being not us,
not reaching for stars...

Forgiveness prayer
we're chanting today -
the ritual of burning
our past self decay.

Even knowing
the water'll absorb
the all that not scorched -
with ebbs and flows,
we sporadically,
but become better us
not only knowing,
but fulfilling
divine commands.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The nest

a misty wagon smokes -
migrating clouds send an invite
to blinded sun,
and soon we all -
the passengers of time machine,
rewinded with the seasons
in unison,
accelerated -
the heart beats in the heels
with every breath,
a dove is cooing -
the great adventure just begun...
don't loose your nest!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inner Peace

don't live,
they store,-
she said,-
this noise -

They move
from room
to room -
gigantic steps
are killers -
from corner
to the center
with squeals,
swear words.

How can I
help them? -
thought I could...
- by living
peacefully my life...
I love my world",-
she smiles...

Monday, October 1, 2012

a world with no love...

a desert of crunching
sand grains
on the teeth,
mixed with time lost
gray days mist,
newborn cells
in the solitude self,

one long cry
of million rains
filled one big
melting pot,
overflowed by hopes,
dropped in the
black hole of
unknown worlds,

a burnt bowl of
unused flames,
and reveries
of minstrels,
playing flute
on the avenue
of crossing
days and nights,
healing lights,
moved lost souls
to find the way
to fulfill fate,
the life purpose.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Secret code

~ a fairy tale - a lie, but has a hint inside ~
...walking through the prairie
with no trace to follow,
watching full moon grow,
rolling with the wind,
my soul's moaning...

intertwining with sand,
irritated eyes're crying,
dazed ringing ears...
I'm longing for water...
delusion appears...

...two staring eyes
drill a hollow tunnel,
accompanied by howls
of wolf guidance:
not fighting things,
but accepting once,
and taking as shadows
within the core...
don't look back or
as in old fairy tale
you will turn in a stone...

let a flame of frustration
to add the thrills,
arrive in fifth dimension,
in sparkles of screen,
magic portal, invisible door,
forbidden till now...
when you've reached the shore...

enter the mystery by drawing
only to you familiar
the secret code...
the calling

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Parchment faces

This fleeting autumn
shows its quarrelsome temper,
teased with golden,
but left us red leaves,
squeezed in cold hand
of wind
with parchment faces,
with wrinkles of losses,
the chronicles,
written in world sanctuary
by time's scribe
in ancient script
10 lives ago
being oracle -

now recognizing
no symbol,
only feels in the veins
vague desire to stars,
to nature,
story telling beacon,
like native with
naive characters
inventive, but broken,
holding the trust in me,
the oracle.

Hopes, believes and stories -
cascading as brooks
between hills,
through the hurdles
to bring the purity
of healing arts,
and ancient credo:
to heal with clear hearts

Friday, September 21, 2012

The choices

How's intricate the urge of baby
to rich out for the vivid toy
before him, and enjoy it...

The legend says: the key to know
the fate - to show in front of baby
couple choices - 4 subjects as
the points of the earth:

some kind of music instrument,
the abacus, the doll, and flower
to choose between them and empower
your destiny, to feel the calls;

to which the child'll be pulled first -
this hobby must be cultivated further
for successful burst... choices were woven into a braid,
and tightly tied with nylon ribbon
white or brown,

I have been dressed in uniform in school -
just listen, follow the rules -
my rights...opinion? Really?
Is it worth to ponder?...

Dramatic change in Universe,-
no time enough to make right choice,
and every loop we're spinning faster
life carousel - there no disaster

to have 4 subjects as the points of the earth
to be impowered, to feel the call
of peaceful choice.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Call from the past

You reminded me
our perfect past,
where nobody wished
to win in class,

just survive for while
until lesson's done,
sacrificed wants
and needs for fun.

Despite what roles
in life we've played,-
we grew up somehow
being smart and brave.

Knowing roles and rules,
improvising life...-
don't lose yourself!
Speak truth while alive!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bona fide

Tearful eyes, pale face,
tall body,
bearing carefully
English lady
with bona fide

lived almost
in royal aprtments,
the manor
in England
with her aunt...
stiff forearms,
clinging to the past...

remember the last:
'will you care for
my teddy bear like
for yours one?'
there she lost
herself with toy
to care about
for so many years
to throw or enjoy...

I: what're you grateful for?
She: nothing
I: whould you like to be happy person?
She: no
I: why?
She: Life is game. How to trust people?
I: listen to your heart, your life experience.
what makes you happy?
She: Helping people.
I: so should you be healthier, happier to show
example, to inspire and uplift others?
She: Oh! (Gloving, with smile) I know I could
uplift prisoners to finding better themselves

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

one way

the hope

No limits

We're waving our arms
like tilting at mills
in novel about Don Quixote.

We're fighting ourselves,
unseen other side,
defending the dignity quote,

forgotten that light
includes any shades,
no balance aside from magic,

and quality remedy -
poison or cure
depends on abundance imagined.

We're trying to conquer
all demons inside
and bite ourselves for errors,

the truth - in knowing
perfection - mirage,
so find better you in the mirror.

Unfinished like art,
sometimes satisfied,
reflection provides food for thought,

connected with Earth
aligned with Love
will lead us in limitless world.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moon tides

Awakening I've realized
that moon tides
have changed
the history,
created new 'forks'
on the path
and up high
in the sky...

...Once white ravens
were turned in the black
by ancient Greek gods,
when they couldn't keep
the secrets...

so today, when I see
a flock of ravens
with pointed end
cutting the air
and hear
'cras, cras...'
meaning 'tomorrow'
in the dead Latin language,
I'm asking:
who told them
about the hope?
Is this promise
for better or worse
out there for
our Earth?..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Autumn song

Summer months
took off
as if pack of
winging past
to Gulf Coast

and enjoy
clear sky
on the mission
to find
food abundance
to eat.

slipped on swamps
bending reeds,
among blossom
challenge oak
to survive.

Latter lily's gaze
I've caught
at the meadow,
lit the moment
I've met you,
filled in blank
in my faith...

Autumn treasure
by whirled leaves
this nostalgic motive
"Autumn drift
 by my window,
Autumn leaves,
 red and gold"

Saturday, September 8, 2012


When a wind
done whistling,
and leaves rest
in meditative
I squeeze into path
on tip-toe of curiosity
to sniff the essence
of fall...

to taste
curled in
mocking grin
last sunset

How easy
to slip
from the end
of my dreams -
filled with
soft enzymes
of intent,
and get lost
in tides
of whimsical
of trust...