Friday, November 1, 2013

The pieces of me

A piece of me – always follows
suggested straight strategic line,
even if there is an ice-hole.

A piece of me – staying at home
in warmth, kitten curled,
when my obedient part
leaving for work.

A piece of me – never here at all,
soaring somewhere over the chores,
knows though the way back,
and when - to anchor.

A piece of me – still on the playground
riding the carousel of anticipation,
when ride’s completed – she’s expecting
to be placed on the real life project.

See, - I’m never the whole,
so if you, by chance, look in my eyes,-
you risk to land in one of my properties,
with  days equal  nights, equalizer like,
for I’m trying to stop
eternal swaying of seconds - ropes,
with little luck I travel on -
I hop…

Artistic Interpretations with Margaret - "Maria Wulf's Visual Poems"


  1. I just love that you brought a myriad of memory that forms this character...the quilt is such a great metaphor for this! Well done!

  2. nice... i think it's good if we never really leave that playground and also reserve parts for our dreams... reminds me of a stain glass windown...many pieces and they give a picture and oh how they sparkle when the sun shines through...smiles

  3. I also loved this clip, and I really enjoyed reading your poem to see where the source of your inspiration would take you. The 'pieces of me' idea has been explored in a most original way.

  4. "knows though the way back,
    and when - to anchor."

    what a profound need this is - and something that is often lost as we grow older... Lovely.

  5. def keep that piece of you that rides the carousel...we need that kid that gets excited with anticipation in our lives....

  6. loved the carousel reference, my favorite stanza.

  7. I LOVE all of these various parts of the narrator, especially the one still on the carousel (I so loved them as a kid!) - this is a brilliant write!

  8. I think we all leave pieces of ourselves here and there...lovely piece!!

  9. I am hopping with you! I loved your poem and your ramblings of home and chores. We do leave ourselves in so many corners of life~!

    Wondrous to read!
    I LOVE your poem <3 to you

  10. Divide and conquer? lol Actually I think we can all relate to that fragmented feeling. Well done, and fun too!

  11. I loved this poem, full of tenderness for what we like!