Sunday, September 29, 2013


not my  student

'Play steady', - aka 'live steady'. In balance.
Is it possible? Who can...
He's trying to follow my instruction -
to raise the wrist while climbing 'roll ups'
with fingers, cheeks getting blush (anger?),
eyes – pregnant of tears, boiling...
oh, boy...- 'please, go wash your face',
(and all fear), - I send him to bathroom (my student)...
so many times praying: 'don't take
my advise too close...we're working...
mastering skills...scales are tricky...
you have to be ready to walk along
invisible line – to sound steady...'

Poets United 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Law of 3 claws

The Moth and the Lamp, Cesar Santos 

Bizarre rash of apples happened this fall, when wind came to rule the roost in the grove. Toll pile of new homes was filled by the end of the day.
From cradle yet babies have learned the Law of 3 claws:
fight tooth and claw , when claw your way to the top, and keep/get
the claw into fortune.
Many chose to live as exiles in the secret of metamorphosis. 
The sophisticated chrysalises  swayed in whistling  waves of shepherd wind’ stories. Their vibrant images  penetrated through elastically transparent skin, fascinated virgins.

One story  - about tiger moth, produced ultrasonic clicks with its body to confuse bats by jamming their sonar. Another –  a story of Madagascar moth, who could win the prize for the unique reaching 14 inches tongue.

Archie had no clues how to get out to free himself. Once, when he fell asleep- the spirits with wings surrounded him with words: “It’s very bright. Be careful!”
Peering in their faces ….

An awakening has stunned, burning smoke got a hold of all senses…

- Informed the brochure he brought  from the local library.

Images credits: The Mag and Sunday Whirl

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, smiling face

Vibrant, easygoing, he approached people and the routine
 in a blink of eye, tolerating with dignity freezing pause in 
response or acrylic nails’ knock, echoing whole day in the brain…

Handsome, with bursting smile, always ready to turn in choleric
laugh, this man has become the walking example of the best…

Today at the director' office, facing the fact of extraordinary 
business trip, feeling as if stepped in icy water, he inadvertently
dropped his face: ‘What the…’

Little sparks spilled all over the room…

When his great soul had shriveled to fit back to body, 
frustrated teacher has found himself in the midst of hysterically
laughing colleagues… 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Fascinating full moon..
your voice in my pocket -
feeling secure,
learn who I’m not… .

fascinating full moon…
as reflective radar -
haunting signals
reminds who we are… .

fascinating nature…
as smile on gem's facet -
spotlight on invisible
destiny pace… .

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Theme Thursday


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold me Not

So fragile hand of nature…
single leaf catching
from burning tree
predicament leave of fall
bookmark between heart plates
manipulative hats
wore when performed as master
in sumptuous vibrant feast.

Now vacuous, in blurry vision, dissolved…
whose fault…leaf turned violet…
please, slather the air on my shortbread.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jazz jam session

Jazz jam session
only one eighth note
becomes a prelude
to Love in progression…

B-A-C-H anagram –
touch profondo flat B
rest, breathe out an Air
in climax crescendo to C
swiftly vanish in H
with morendo.

Pizzicato from bass
descended whipped cream
picked by squabble
trumpet with sourdine
wa-wa  -  wa-wa
amplified by drum
pacified trombone
sliding down to minor
in piano swing
s-s-s-swish (plates)
final quavering tone…

From short shore
(staccato) of impression
to lago-o-on of sensations
dive out whole 
stand spring tall
at ping-pong jam session
emphasize, vocalize,
live jazz…

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Archie the Worm

That day, when I wandered after first autumn rain
along the fresh glowing on the sun puddles,
Archie seemed has been busy observing
an apple stalk, thrown by someone in a puddle.

Large spotted ladybug perched on the top of it,
as if glued, ignoring sliding juicy surface.
On the side below, two ants teamed up working hard
sawed the piece to take out for breakfast.
 A colorful butterfly fluttered above them,
looking for the spot to land.

Nobody noticed an appearance of Archie the Worm…

He froze for while swaying into melancholy
of doubt: to come or not to come closer…
Following the ripples in the puddle, it was easy
to guess his thoughts…

To come now would be a blunder. Archie
cringed just imagined as if in a dream
the scene with a Ladybug slowly falling
at him, squashing his guts…

Zigzagging his ring-shaped torso
Archie framed the puddle in digress.
One more chapter’s completed.

Archie was a Book Worm. 

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Three Word Wednesday

Open Link Night

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heavenly socks

“All socks go to heaven”

I saw a flock
offsuit flying socks
in the midst of afternoon
shocked …

when temp climbs up
to 90 degrees
they’re flying to North-

of what so valuable
wear when cold –
intending to fetch

socks’re flying
to match with others
free open hearted

so if you notice them
staring at you
from happy received
feet –

know-they’re proud
couple who found
the way to fit.

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Theme Thursday: socks

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Poetry Jam: lost

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The answer

So intricate way of drifting
at central avenue dreams
in scattered magic dimension
a buffoon used to intrigued me in

Above the jelly clouds
in cranberry only stains
below the vigilant bell roulade
pays off your choice to change

The Sunday Whirl

 Sunday Mini Challenge: Doctor Mouse Is In the House! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Riddles at d'Verse

Would love
To become
A stimulating
A nurturing master of fun

Black and White
Neither left nor right
Juggling in the midst of madness

Morning scent
Crispy yet novel
Power to change world tenderly

Answers: Security, Balance, Love

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Grey Days

I parted the curtains. Sky struck me with bruising 
hues, flowed chaotically, formed amazing maze
with no exit…

The light waned from time to time.
Migrating pouty clouds slided annoyingly
back and forth.

Head started spinning. No balance…
Lied down. Closed eyes.
But still seeing them…

What the challenge
to keep the balance,
even for weather…

Sun’s golden ray in disgust reached the curtain,
hiding ironical smile: soon wadded blessing
will be released for good.

Three Word Wednesday

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Feathers of thoughts

Close to scarlet sunset
feathers of thoughts
swaying on oiled surface
(whether they copied or paced)
marks inky stars
shooting and lost
into wet hole
of doubt…


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 Sunday Whirl

On the bough

Oh, those sticking twigs
always telling truth
sending words whips
strict orchestral voodoo

hidden from hippo jaws
struck on the tree top
holding magic jar
growing wings and claw

building bow – no darts
project peace – no war
will I win the hugs
sawing off the bough…

 Image credit: Jeanie Tomanek