Friday, October 4, 2013


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They worshiped the Queen. On exact time, every noon
on sharp edge of sunny hillside, swarm of bees
spilled the honeycombs.
Queen then visited every patch, laid on flowers and grass,
degustating. ‘Z-z-zest’, - repeatedly flew to heaven…

Unbidden aliens appeared as hail that noon:
-         click, click! - springing on Pogo sticks from flower to flower,
-         click, click! – collecting honey through trunks,
-         click, click! – pouring it into tube on the hip.
They looked like ghosts wearing white cloaks with sticking out antennas.

‘Honey, your friends outside waiting,’- buzzed the Queen.
Archie in amazement opened eyes: ‘Do they wear white cloaks?’
Mom enigmatically smiled. Yellow and black strips on her apron moved in vibrant dance.  

Image credit - Brenda Warren


  1. Busy buzzing along to their own beat to something sweet

  2. Happy poem, thanks. Just what I needed tonight.


  3. How well your imagery allowed me to totally miss the prompt words!

  4. ha. a bee reality show.....smiles...
    fun...and def worth the smile