Sunday, November 17, 2013

Canterbury race

a drawing by me

The lanky jockey checked the reins, tightened enough to hold Mack’s temper; jumped into the saddle.
”8 in a game.  Race №3.  Festival of champions Day. In here racing…”, – the voice of announcer listed all of his friends.

As from lighted match the slides of cherished days flashed in his head.
Mack remembered how horses frolicked together on the huge meadow, leaping over the puddles after summer rain. Once jogging he and Sun Country had wandered in the marsh. And Mack pushed her with shoulder to safety.

That day everyone has been demonstrating favorite gaits. Choices were different, but respected by all. Then, how it happened that friends become strangers? These  joyful field trips were forbidden once and forever.

“Leading Mack’s Tiger Paw, next CJ, Mama’s Boy and Sugar Business, couple links behind Quote Cash, Sun Country.
Anxious, Mack’s Tiger Paw got reasonably settled down by Ms. Lee.
CJ, Mama’s Boy are trying to overtake him.
Mack slips in other gear and says ‘No’. Sun Country tried to outstrip, but turned away. And he’s gone. Absolute domination by Mack’s Tiger Paw!”

Isolated yet befuddled, Mack’s Tiger Paw was in a pain. Dipped in his murky thoughts, he hasn’t noticed Sun Country stopped by. Just felt accelerated breath and warm mouth on his ‘settled down’ shoulder.

Brenda Warren

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  1. How things can turn on a dime, stranger to friend and reverse

  2. Well this is an interesting take on the prompt words and what a pleasure to see your own drawing illustrating the post. What great innovation.

  3. What a sweet take on friendship and the prompt. Loved it. Lovely drawing.

  4. An entertaining read. Interesting how we all end up with different takes from the same prompt.

  5. ha. i havent been to the horse races since florida...but it made me think of there....def some excitement there...smiles....

  6. … horse communication - I wonder if racing doesn't put them in a "zone" though. Nice thoughtful piece though. :)

  7. Interesting story using the words from the prompt...

  8. Inspired completion of the made the scene come alive!

  9. I always like it when animals are given a voice. Some don't have as much free reign as others. Nicely done.

    Thanks for your visit to the story Whirl Wordle :) ~Jules

  10. Loved your drawing and the story!

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