Friday, October 4, 2013

Nice place

She said: It’s nice place.
He said: If we get meal on time.

She: Ah, happy faces!
He: Don’t twist your neck!

She: They all look at me!
He: Take off your glasses.

She: Why door’s closed?
He: All tickets are sold.

                  ~ * ~
He: Have all tickets been sold?
She: Yep, the door – closed.

He: Take off your glasses!
She: But all are looking at me!

He: Haven’t you hurt the neck?
She: Ah, happy faces!

He: Do we get ever meal on time?
She: What a nice place…

Poets United, Verse First ~ 'He said. She said.' Conversation,gossip or not.

Poetry Jam ~ Backward. Palindrome poem


  1. ha you combined these well...and its funny how two people can have the same experience but experience it so different you know...but its all in what we focus on and what is important to us...

  2. haha talking around the same thing, has a nice ring

  3. Cute... thanks so much for taking part in Poetry Jam!

  4. What a quirky and warm a bird chorus..different noises but same conversation - and thanks for following!

  5. Ha..ha...the reverse just made this funnier ~ Good take on the prompts ~

  6. Great take - take off your glasses - loved that, hidden depths

  7. You used form with good effect. A fun read, especially when one reads between the lines.

  8. I really liked the way you used the BACKWARDS form. Made me smile. And it works well as a conversation for Verse First as well!!

    Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam. Hope to see you Wednesday for a NEW prompt as well! Smiles.

    1. Thank you very much, Mary! Will be happy to participate again! :)