Thursday, August 30, 2012

Horses in the ocean

My translation, based on the poem by Russian poet Boris Slutsky
(1919-1986) "Horses in the ocean". Above is video of the song by
the band "Rock Island", based on the poem with music by Victor
Berkovsky (1932-2005) "Red Island".

Horses can swim,
But not good, not far...
'Gloria', the sailing ship -
trying to overcome the ocean.
Lots of horses, crowded at this trip,
in the cargo holds in constant motion.
1000 of horses, but 4000 horseshoes
haven't brought the happy end:
the bottom of the ship was pierced, pushed
by the bomb, far-far away from the land.
People're boarding into the boats, rafts -
while the horses - swimming by themselves!
Gush, how should they act
if there is no room and nobody - to help...
Vast red island in the ocean loaded,
chestnut horses on uptight surface,-
seemed at first it's simple to float,
the ocean seemed like river path.
Only there is endless river...
at the end of horses strengths...
suddenly they neighed, as if disagreeing
to the freedom with no chance...
Doomed poor horses went to a bottom...
Who in the world will mourn this loss!
Filled with sorrow my heart about them,
Red ones, have not seen the earth...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pass On

Once dreamed fantasy
made me run
to distant lands of fun,
filled every split second,
required life's sacrifice,
be flexible at any places
with images of
dressed up
the suit, glasses, the faces,
copy someone's grimacing,
mimicking phrases,
play game 'follow the leader',
whenever it brings,
even to a latrines

to show your passion
alike sitting on
whoopee cushion,
and fart just in time
to call the motion
of important person
to receive the promotion -
led to the loss of self...
Who am I?
Am I invisible of something?

In this chain of characters,
subordinated to instructions,
algorithms of behavior
haven't recognized myself
in a mirror,
how easy to give up
your responsibilities
to leader...

Slow down, step wide,
one woman - the island
at least for while
to collect parts unclaimed,
allow herself be unique,
not tamed,
and take the road
less traveled

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012



Crabapple tree
swelling with apples
dropped midget treat
touched my ankle

greets me with pinkish
red hue salutation
late summer smile
as if last time salvation

time monitoring
and counting chances
going around
and coming to haunt us

Monday, August 27, 2012


Zombie fascination...
 wake up, nations
    to save souls
      & world goals

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Two rays're
growing up
to cross at horizon
while squinting the eyes
you're looking at light.

How lucky am I?
On tiptoes rising,
touching the shoulder,
caught your sight,
your arms're
stretching up
to hold me

Lost the balance,
almost in trance
I'd channel all saints
if they show up,
fight my loneliness,
accepted as right...

At not hurry...
remember the moment,
when sky opened up
at least temporary
to channel a comment
of doubt...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


...called in quiet voice
my inner self,
trying to tame it,
offered calm music,
mysterious movies,
silence of meditation,
walking a head clearing,-
received subtle soul,
longing to poetry,
sliding in a paradise of
sea and sun,
peaceful and calm work
of serving others,
and never it
stuttered about self,
hinted to my needs,
deep desires...
yet become closer
we got disconnected
this time,
my soul and I...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Core: snapshot

To brake into any frequencies
cosmos - time - dimension -
not limited,
unlocking the doors
with power of magic,
trying to make
brighter choices,
forcing your demons
to turn inside out
in positive way
to win the love...

is that possible?

To switch black and white
to become superhero
on the edge of wrong
and right,
and in extremal moment
out of control,
gotten the freedom
express the power
to show
the devil side
to destroy
the life...

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Eternity myth soon
     as words of spell
        chimed in the room,
            orbing the last doubt
                small ambitions
                      to fly away -
                          memory of past losses
                                 has been stripped in
                                      glowing ethereal wave,
                                 pierced the heart,
                          bended the body
                    with ripples of pain...
               sorrowful sighs,
           haven't come true
       hopes and dreams
ripped tissues rolled
    bleeding with last effort
         to make sense of
             born feelings,
                  burned emotions,
                       willing to cool off
                           in the ocean
                               of free
                                            in eternity

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm forsaking
insatiable world of censure,
dip in flora and fauna
of my foreboding -
who sings first
morning quivering song? -
I am not sure:
timid sparrow? starlings? or robin?

Wobbly bumblebee buzzing
above bushy mums
while the crow is stretching
its wings like a missile,
creaking door begs pardon
for more music to come,
and the distant freight train
adds the concert with whistle.

Sound will hang on the tree
as dewdrops before fall,
and surprise early walker
with chimes in the air...
I lift curtains, bend knees,
foreboding this call,
day is gaining its balance
in peace with no fear.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Rose

Swaying at a wave
of vivid images,
open the window
under the crown
to enter the world
of whimsical gestures -
turn the light
of integrity on

to put the tender
white rose in the ground,
aware of its power
beyond the means,
above emotions,
by winds surrounded,
shrouded in the halo
of sunbeams,

meet unknown
souls, reentered
the ocean of Whole
with crystal purity -
what the breathtaking,
staggering call
for naive and fragile
invaders of beauty!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


'not saints sculptured pots' ~ Russian proverb

The wind have changed,
Mercury directs
to shed the skin
as snakes do
during each cycle
of growth.

Hey, all cold-blooded,
we're not irreplaceable,
but - dependent
on each other
for body temperature.

So we must be adaptive,
flexible and adjust
as best as we can
to our circumstances,
just as snakes do.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

True and false

Inner placed compass,
aligned with 'true north',
guides toward the destiny
its magnetic force.

Each dewdrop I swallow
brings infinite joy,
even breathing shallow
won't cause to stall

changing book of history,
mixing true and false,
fall in starry mystery,
pointed to south.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


When the Earth starts to shift -
the scar - hurts, the wound - burns,
but self-healing helps, life feels as gift.

No scream!
Neighbors take after dinner nap,
the thoughts at fair wind as sailboats -
arrive with increment step.

'Bend and you shall not break'
getting stronger without ache...

Temperance awaits on the corner,
when cooled out under the AC,
we squeeze in hot air to feel warmer, -
to pour over a sudden rain with
flashes of lightning
to the music of heaven drums,
the characters on ad panel
highlighting, suggesting us
how to save the money or time...

The precious time speed up to heaven,
perhaps it found better use
in higher realm...

Will love survive in garden of Eden?
At least time's due
not embedded in our arm...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Midst of the night. The moon, the watchman
rolled in a cloud to sway in the dreams.
Darkly skies. Cicadas - so loud.
A storm's approaching. The vision's dim.

Suddenly - burst! Zeus is throwing
magnetic spikes cause the earth
the seizure between lighting explosions life's rebirth.

I keep my eyes open, awaiting for a shift,
trying to fit in my questions and answers,
the faces, the plots - before new rain hits
to rinse toxic vibes and turn into...fireworks!