Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fashion matter

 Art by David Cramer, ArtAkimbo
art by David Cramer, ArtAkimbo, Etsy

The words
Dangling lianas
I’m climbing out of chaos
Never knowing how strong they are

Day work
Amicable hours
If they've turned survival
Into well-being blast lightheartedly
Life deeds.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Currents within

 Photo by Artur Siegel
photo by Artur Siegel

She hears ‘snap’
in her neck, and spine
clicks free, not in shots anymore;
the  healing hands helped, calmed the pain till

Run in circle
feeling as victim-
patterns of negative talk,
a fear of future while – talented
an artist.

The ropes torn
when stretched skin cracks.
Craft required sacrifice,
the payoff unlocking shapes & hints
of true love.

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Monday, January 26, 2015


 Drizzle Abstract Painting by Dotti Hannum
Drizzle Abstract Painting by Dotti Hannum

I listed my ideas
one per one
let them to
no astral
could force
to stupor
their drizzle,
pride chord bleeding…

Jaws dropped,
body listens
at first

Monday Wordle #45


 Lilith Vampiriorah "Dying in silence"
Lilith Vampiriorah "Dying in silence" 

                                I scan silence
sinuses suffocate…
any sign of ambrosia?
maybe brain lends
a chime to train
the trite reflexes
to aim the
distant land
through glands
and solar plexus…

I don’t mind
the miles of
spelled right words,
echo recurring thoughts,
the ones that we’re
not voicing in fear
of looking odd.

Can silence scorch
the spirit?

by Brenda Warren

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Music in Desert

 "Music in Desert" by Denis Bezmelnitsin, 2011
"Music in Desert" by D. Bezmelnitsin, 2011

The music in a desert
wings your soul
divine Ambrose,
the sounds tone by tone
dropped on the sandy spots
leaving trace, and path
was moisturized oasis of
breath and ‘om’…
Your toes touched by stones
of long time forgotten
relics of wars,
artifacts of hollow bones
awaken the spirit of
dunes, and past’s become
closer and pulled the
strings of heart .

A few could survive
the death imposed
its seal
over the seeds
ground, and the will
showed in heaven
the shift in clouds
of bitter tears…

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Joy and sorrow

Viktor Vasnetsov. Sirin and Alkonost – Birds of Joy and Sorrow, 1896. WikiArt.

It seems so easy to escape
the distant bay, serene landscape
to forge the strength for mighty knight
to overcome temptation’s gate.

And breathing freely sailing far
to meet the fate, to reach the star
it seems so easy to escape
by plane, on ship, by feet or car.

The cannons shoot, loud voices scare
Sirin, a half-bird woman -nymph
It seems so easy to escape,
Escaped – to roll in mighty wave.

Too sudden stumbled on hatching eggs,
in jaws of storm we’d pass away
while eyes are shut, and ice in heart -
it would be late to wish escape.

Or maybe once we have a chance
to heed the song of  Alkonost,
in blink of eye forget the past…
It seems so easy to escape…

On thick grey cloud crawled up high
we’d carve it with a half-moon knife,
at edge we’ll die like lonesome George
if not indulge thyselves in life.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

The last one

                                      I’m not holding
                                      for past
                                      just wondering
                                      what essence
                                      makes me tickle
                                      now, when presence
                                      of gray days
                                      puddle in the bowl
                                      to suit
                                      the angel holly water
                                      I absorb from sky
                                      there are white/yellow
                                      light color
                                      the winter dress
                                      even warm still less
                                      variable nights and days
                                      song to live for hours
                                      of outline frames and sounds
                                      somebody else’s happiness
                                      my new normal moral
                                      moderate portal of
                                      compassion and overtones 
                                      of spirit’s meandering
                                      trying new skins on
                                      and burning old habits as
                                      being too comfortable at
                                      the path of spiritual


Friday, January 16, 2015


Climbing up. Climbing down.
Explore unknown.
Black-white patterned piano.

*   *  *

Returning at home
start with rest
enjoyable pieces of past.
        *  *  *

Comforting your life?
Get out of zone!
Reason – new power!

Written for 'One-two-three...tenWord'prompt at d'Verse

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Un-birthday present

 First Massive Solar Flare of 2015 ~ NASA image
First Massive Solar Flare of 2015 ~ NASA image

Another old pain/ball/clot burst! -
the pattern lulled back        
tucked right
in modest
un-birthday present
of night -
while you slip –
nightly swan,
wings wide open –
a prophetic dream,
by wizard wand
of dawn…

Sunday, January 11, 2015


 Art by Joanna Braithwaite
Art by Joanna Braithwaite

the TV, captured
choices & chores
we must choose,
by inky list
of bad habits,
to render
the hectic
eve times
into single
to channel
clear sense and smell
of endless existence…

ennui? nah…
as long as I’m sailing…

by Brenda Warren

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Saturday, January 10, 2015


The lawn ~ courtesy of Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

I thought if I would wear the suit
of green poke-prickly tree,
you’d find the goal for New Year roll
with ease of nosy bee…

But all set up to fly the sky
you stare from podium:
squeezed tight, blur sight imagined kite,
forgetting ground adieu…

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Friday, January 9, 2015

I am always drawn back to places where I have lived*

Who comes waltzing
from Africa…this time
his eyes narrowed
as a matter of fact
produced a mania
three photographs.

He fingered a leaf
as a face suited
to someone far away…
“Let me build you a drink.
Something new.
White angel…”-
lips move in
deja vu…

I’m always drawn
to places where I've lived…
crowded with attic furniture
red velvet associates
with hot days on a tram.
There were prints of Roman
ruins freckled brown with age…

Spirit heightened. I felt in my pocket
the key to this apartment,
my unwritten books there…

*Truman Capote "Breakfast at Tiffany's" line

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Divine view

Emperor’s New Clothes in Odense. Wikimedia.

His transparent ego    
climbing up & out
of clothes.

Electric & passionate-
for colleagues,
unrestrained savage -
for enlightened.

-         He’s beautiful, -
the artist whispered.

Just for me

Architecture of Dance: arts

Dancing for
every minutes

the dusty past days
  forgotten ‘bravo’
    just - only
      for me

‘bravado’, -
you think
diligently swallowing
one more turn
to unknown history
of being someone 
who close by...

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm listening

'Fighting forms' by Franz Marc

I said: I’m listening…
the music takes its flight,
the nimble fingers waking up the angel flurries.
I’m listening
to bursting climax,
the stories’ birth in lightning glory.

The sounds circling
in a joyful jive,
so freely soaring and pause in ecstasy.

I know -  
simple way to life,
and feel through music,
channeling the love’s oasis.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Imagine extras

 "Imagine" by Nick Gentry
'Imagine' by Nick Gentry

It’s easy to imagine
all extras –
I figured it out
upon arrival the guests...

the ‘stuff’
we all carry on
from the past
keeping in one moment
for too long
until overwhelmed
with bearers

the silent witness
of physical efforts
now needless
grouped in the
dusty piles…

the line was short
in front of me
a lady in the high
rolled collar
to watery eyes,
before her-
a gentleman in
no-gap mask
testing the vocal chords
vis-à-vis pale receptionist:
“did you leave the country
in the last six months?”
-mmm, noooo…mooo…
“encounters with Ebola?”
-nah…, o no! – nodding
side to side- behind him
the line holding breath
for sec.

Thanks, G-d, I’m here
just for referral-
a muscle spasm…
this is a flu season
in Minnesota…

Imagine all extras…

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Move in peace

to stay still
when someone’s feelings
unexpressed before today
rock your boat in jealousy.
The hidden price of
keeping peace

energy – tricky
to control keeping quiet.
It’s healthy to talk of fears,
work at compromise,

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Bits of new

 Helen Frankenthaler 'Mountain and Sea', 1952
Helen Frankenthaler's Mountains and Sea, 1952 

When innocent boy
on Jan 1st threshold
‘Let me in…I’m 2015’ -
We wonder: what will he bring?

New voices?
marching in place
with comfy pillow.

New voyages?
dangerous depth
yet sharpened senses
eye and mind.

Long-range plan?
pot pie soup taste
commitment update.

Not thoughts but acts?
calm center of bubble,
start off right.

The  willingness
to penetrate
to the core of fate?

New ways of
giving  -  novelty
every day?

Or ‘the terror of whole’
that was dug before -
“Divine is never split
into particles…” *

* E. Montale

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