Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Source

What kind of Thing
you might obtain
by planned effort,
pulling a chain
of unique chance,
mind over matter.
Where's in the world
true Place I could cling
my pace for,
where's a fireplace
to warm-up the thoughts,
to place my order.
Cracking molecules,
Two Flames are flying
away from home
free to choose
the power of Love
to stay or go on.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

In a flash

I knocked in your door,
intending to find,
but no luck -
the doors - locked!
Where you were
the trees wore masks,
the sky - in disguise,
the crows have yelled:
don't ask!
I guess... there is Room -
I've heard the silence...
only the eyes
flashed to admit
this souls alliance.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

At the gate

Who knows (encore!),
when it's time
to learn one more
vital lesson:
the harder you work -
you get less
on every desire,
when climbing higher
and higher -
so accept your essence,
become the vassal
of the castle,
even if it made
out of icicles.
Warm-up air
with big heart flair,
hot chocolate lips
give you a bliss
while swinging
the pendulum of life,
choose the 'feel right'
of the ride to greatness.
Activate the artistic/healing
archetype in the body,
walk through the gate
with grace,
feel ecstatic,
value the word as the gift
within prayer,
gently do shift -
Universe cares.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When I write outstanding poem...

When I write outstanding poem
I'll know for sure
by crazy beat of my heart,
in a vary vibrations,
that travel through air
by my oscillating ear.
When I write outstanding poem
I'll know without looking
at a clock
the top number of visitors
on my blog,
clicking the same poetry 'gem'
again and again,
nurturing love to the words
in a gen.
When I write outstanding poem
I'll know for sure...
until then
I'd love to admit and assure:
I'm grateful and happy to share
my restless soul flight,
channel, enhance and unite
your thirst to read
with my pleasure
to write.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Colorful fairs

Nice adventure. Car trip.
Pop CD on background.
Autumn trees throwing foliage
as thought leading the way,
with old popular song
by Maryla Rodowicz
all the "colorful fairs"
arrive into day.

Time is racing like a rider
on the spirited horse,
day ago you - the master,
now - take novel course.

Word by word flows easy,
and in climax moment -
no more music, just a silence,
supporitng the truth...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Memory code

Midst afternoon drive
the eye of sun
peeking behind
the gray puffy
brow of cloud
as I'm in the traffic
lots of times
through intersections,
the same way
takes me to places,
from day to day,
where familiar faces're
playing the life roles
just too real,
the way too close,
to voices
I heard in the past.
These memory traces...
"I remember the time
I knew what happiness was..."
So, I might not return your call
as I spent afternoon
lost ( how odd!)
in memory, searching
for happiness code.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Aquarius era

In sky sanctuary
the milk was spilled,
responsible parties're
hiding the guilt
baby-blue curtain
of cool morning air
in month of January,
Aquarius era
with draughty winds,
have waked dozing trees,
dropped snow disguise,
yielding unease,
the crystalline flakes,
have flooded the earth
with water of knowledge,
spiritual growth -
acceleration quiz,
irradiated, transparent,
we're clearing from these
shadows parts our soul,
revealed to ALL!
Wild nature'll be tamed,
refined and unfurled,
the strength - in harmony,
nurturing world.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In need to excel
expectations and calls
we often could slip
from an orbit and fall,
but gravity's holding, -
for good or for bad,
us tightly on a planet
with deed that we serve.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A pilgrim

That midnight call
erased the dream -
no more delusions,
I'm pilgrim.
Cautious steps,
follow your way,
inhale the air
you breathe every day.
What secret knowledge
you own in this life -
its subtle allure
impales as a knife.
Charmed, I'm drifting
in a cove of hope,
aligning my forms
with life shifting scope.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Golden bin

I see the trains, crossing my path
to pick me up, -
to win the pass
to destination of my dreams
to master right calibration
I could cling
for an invitation in your eyes,
for the will, driving me
to the edge of your bin
you've built so diligently,
planned to be
caught by no cop
in any other pack, -
only yours golden one
with unsolved monograms,
leading to ancient time,
where you've been
a wind chime
for magicians and tramps.
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When I pleased
you are
looking in my eyes
my ribs in chest cage
breathe -
I don't mind
your age
jazzy -
hearts're in the swing
crazy -
flying with one wing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What matters to your heart?

When you spend
your time
to exchange
for pity celebration
witty wrapping around
the words
with grimace
of right accent,
teasing tongue in cheek,
showed the details
of medical history,
kissing, licking
enviable piece,
the cake with
the dark cherry
to keep in memory...
another got lost
somewhere in the past,
familiar taste -
save your waist
to feel hips gravity,
female royalty
even with devil in a rib
so darling to weep for;
or listen the rhythm
of gently knocking fingers
on the back of bowl
unforgettable ball...
ancient regression,
shamanic drumming
and rain stick,
pouring to sieve
as if nothing else exist
for the soul unfolding
the past lifes,
posted lines
to yourself,
but in different body,
anybody recognizes
and ready to grieve...

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Know when to fold

Shaking the hearts
briefly familiar,
confused in the cycles
of cynical equilibrium
to share the world
of veins and arteries,
criteria:no sward allowed.
Know when to fold
the mind over matter
to feel the breeze
of twilight impromptu
the petals of my heart
haven't completely settled,
yet absorbed the energy
of fairy dawn.
Folding in parts
to let go the power,
wait on the new territory
the honesty
tempting desires,
shedding the shagreen skin,
shrink in an jealousy...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Gallery of souls

My vision during
the Reiki session
for busy masseur,
rubbing and kneading
the muscles
and joints of vary bodies,
every week working
at the same studies
with multiple clients:
1 week - shoulders,
next week - the necks,
another week - lower back...
I see: all doors in row wide open,
with a light inviting inside,
along the gallery
gracefully walking
looking alike Aphrodites,
balancing ancient amphorae...
Conveyor of souls are crying
to adjust, to center, to heal...
How to separate them
from bodies
to overcome
the pressure, and deal
with an internal rigidity
of stereotyped roles;
from tunnel vision,
paralyzed by hope,
in depression mode...
I ask myself:
what do I want
to learn in 2013?
When ice floes melts,
dispersing in
the warmth of spring,
what kind of river will
emerge from my soul,
joined the spiritual
stirring of All,
intended to thaw
cold hearts
and uplift,
allow your soul soars

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Eyes wide shut

Allowing the passage,
a view through
an empty space
with pair
of true
globular organs
in the head,
connected with
24 bones
a vertebrae
disturbed by
neck arteries
supplied a red liquid
to the brain,

I've perceived the alert
from another world
with 'HNY' name,
as if it's an award
and honor to hang
at the Hall of Fame.

With this humpty-dumpty
I've built on my roof,
I've  tumbled to a ground,
and made royal goof -
so not at the wall
and disarmed...

And now my vessels're
fighting stagnation,
while straightened
in a horizontal direction,
with the chakra centers
of yours,
feeding and nurturing
us both...

we're healing, tie-dyeing,
divine intervention
for Peace on Earth


I always soared
in the clouds,
even in school,
when a teacher
called me to
blackboard -
not soon
I planned my arrival...-
she called
3 more

Since then
so many of them
departed, arrived,...
to my destination
it takes longer drive...