Thursday, April 21, 2016

Overcome ~ art by V.Braucci

Last night
the world’s been raced through me.
I saw all those organic faces above
huddled around circle-jug-well
finger with beam-ray-eye
into us,
this ‘s our family-
strong spirits,
vulnerable hearts,
what an experience!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pulsating stars

She said: in your brain’s tree
bright pulsating stars;
let them spin and flicker.
If fall – into the hummock
of dreams; long fettered,
hearts come alive
one for each that you take
on the whimsical wings
in the keyhole of truth…
through the journey of
passed by bus routes
and leaves
books, so dear
returned for the coin
& smile…

her fingers
pulling invisible string
blue smooth veil of dawn

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Sunday Whirl ~ Six for Wednesday 

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry #298

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Off the hinges

Albert Finch ~ MLMM

I thought of product
which I am
at dense earth,
grounded & survive
under your tears, sky…

Once I got seeded,
grew, the sprouts
found direction
of their own path
and twigs crooked:
some exclamatory,
but most -  inquiring 3D
space, getting this
‘aha’ moments
at times, penetrated
by stars, overwhelmed
by depth of senses
& experience the
denial deja vu of druids...

                         Our spiritual origin,
the process I’m
embarking on now, -
not fitting in a wooden
stencil of wardrobe,
and my transparency
requires neither
the fashionable
modern suite nor

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Sunday, April 10, 2016


Taking alternative route at night
my bus lost its bearings, we found ourselves
inclined to one side, in a ditch
followed “one-by-one” command, in silence
squeezed our muscle-guts-throats, while eggs fell from
the shelf to floor between seats…, - in the

was it a grey-rain-day-Mercury
taken advantage of retrogrades?..
anyway, we reviewed our days,
years, people and states  - all being well, laughing
out loud, walked away leaving the bus
in a stopper mode on a verge…

live in a moment
sliding in the deep ditch
enjoy the journey

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry #297

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Her ikebana*
has been found
by pale

The Archaeopteryx bird
a feather, claws
stuck in a crown

The burnt out heart
entwined in
the cells and skin

Who sang an epiphany
around the old pond's
fence nailed

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Hunger in the sky...

I was  about
fleeting nature of
being taken the space 
& hunger of mind 
between weekend rituals
and sunny hopes
chasing each rain &
promises,  snow in April
taken their lily of the valley
once more prolonged spring
into summer
self-indulged in the
quiet hum while
new - crying to show
its ugly inadequate
form & even blue
sky delayed its sunny
smile, catching
the change paradigm
of all concerned
in its mirrored reflection…

in meantime we
reject the soul touch
to sip the freedom
of irregular disarray
while the hunger
in the sky
washed the dry fields,
fear burst
the unlocked
while world celebrates
the power to paddle
wore off passion
& torn the chains of
Love & vulnerable

the love
and care about
others guilt
less knowing
real blind spot
abandoned soul
forgot the voice
of innocent child
within the body
crying to release
heal and commit
to growth…

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry #296