Thursday, October 31, 2013

A look into the skull

My drawing with ink

Not Crystal one, not Mayan or Aztec origins.
I drew it with ink.
He’s staring in my soul, as if asking for the candy,
a special one, ‘Monpasie’, (called in a honor
of the Duchess of Montpensier, for the novels 
of Duma); we  enjoyed them while were watching 
cartoons in a little movie theatre, not knowing that
sweets – harmful… though we never could overeat…

Resting skull! As if it able to do something else…
what if it could...

In the cell’s memory black ink attack…blows…
Ammunition has arrived, a train after train.
This is not within his power to stop them,
to pretend – no reason to fight… .
He stands tall to deliver, to hold, to support
the ordnance until everything... slows... down,
sounds – not real, like in the silent movie...
a sudden explOsion…
echoing  voice of commander:
 “Lie down!”

As if into invisible wall, bombshell dust,
stirred with a fright, - forever absorbed through
skin pores...

Eyes’ sockets, have known hot tears, injustice,
fullness of feelings, cooled down and dried, 
seem found long-awaited peace, and only the 
string of sleighs with kids enlivens their ghostly 
soaring, reflected in the crystal ball of time.

Time – squeezed etheric essence, impales 
millennium matrix. Sometimes trapped in hard 
to crack small candy, it’s  slowly dissolving in 
the cauldron of reality…

Inspired by Theme Thursday, dedicated to the memory of my father...

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Le Jardin

Ernst Max 'Le Jardin' 1962

Heading to right
She floats in flatness of tunnel
Savoring while on the path.

Nothing she knows,
As a stream intended to turn
Breaking the pod in a gust.

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Wi's super wee

by Louise McNaught

He yearned for something Big. The most unfortunate student,
Wi always had an immeasurable sheet of problems instead of
a supper…

“Super job”, - he cheered himself, bending a clay pebble in 
the pocket of his jumpsuit.

This morning waking early Wi felt somewhat not safe. Jumping 
over the flight of stairs, he was at school in a wee.

The fireplace, a cozy spot for occasional seclusions, looked 
different. The flames, having gorged wooden board, crept up
to the base of a fireplace.. The front part was already eroded…

“…and nobody see it!” – “And you?” – the thoughts have 
Wi turned the neck for possible help. Behind the locked glass door 
he noticed the clerk, entering the office.
Heat’s reached its highest!..

-         Pphh! ……………………. - Pkshl tchss…

Still staring thru the door with raised arm, he noticed inky traces
on the face of approaching clerk… 

Brenda Warren

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn wind

Sparkling essence uncovered.
Mighty storm.
Autumn wind.

Dragged all, moon's anchored.
What in store
Before quit?

Parasol, brush, an easel,
Couple keys,
Paper, pen.

What else need if you're near
Witness, keeper,
a friend.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

When squirrels cross the road

When squirrels cross the road
with cars in a traffic mode,
they’re hunting for nuts & acorns
within near trees where were born,
and stack 'em in the earthy Grote.

The weather swing forebode,
all hurdles in rush overrode
in front of your car occurred….
when squirrels cross the road.

The beauty of nature – bestowed,
we’re taking for granted, no words…
it’s hopelessly late, when we mourn...
so drivers know and are warned,
when squirrels cross the road.

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Submitted for d'Verse: Form for All: rondeau

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A long face

I was a mirror for his faces. The moment, when I forgot to return 
the Long one, but instead was writhing with laughter, - before my 
eyes to this day…

He became greasy, not to find a fault.
Insidious relationships have discontinued suddenly.                              

At the party, followed company’s meeting, we were involved in 
the game ‘White elephant’. The gifts, out of use, have been brought 
by everyone, wrapped elegantly and stacked in the center of the 
circle with players. On my turn, shaking the dices, I got double ‘5’, 
- won!

The gift, pulled from the center, I unwrapped later, at home.
Stylish box revealed flowers in a vase, the cyclamens. A little note 
on the bouquet said: Good-bye...

He resigned next day after the party. When I casually looked in the 
mirror, it has showed …a long face of mine.  

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hidden life

Form & Shape study

What we know about
the form and shapes...
a photo - pre-flattened,
...seen only parts-
so use cues, visual acuity...

I turned the light on
to make out the details
of a hidden life,
covered by egoistic shadow;

it’s been curled in the form
of latte-tan kitten,
rumbling her way
to cozy purity
within my arm.

I watched her dark
eye-fishing style:
to stare into my four,
narrowed the sight;

penetrating thru the glasses,
to greet another kitten
behind eye lashes;

whisker -ing irrelevant
surreal sibling
beneath the human

Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm studying the proportions

Swiftly winking eyes rolled up,
fumbling hands look for balance…

-         …you stuck?! – my line
have reached the curve.
Where to go? Time for proportions
to figure out priority:
do I need someone’s authority…

trying to feel the ground,
why once the work I love - found,
I’m loosing an interest,
(or taking for granted?)
longing for something else,
to challenge myself with
a role totally wrong,
but good  for him/her…
money and style...
(so masochistic incline)
known as positive asset…

-Check the head, - he pulled forward
a thumb measuring, - 2.5 heads
in the length of the body.
I’ve arranged the paper/isle
for prolonged study… 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Willow Manor Ball: Diary of Zombie

Nothing and everything, a gravel, a brick,-
I counted each one, when flew into a ditch
over the fence through the tRash-sh-sh
the jaws fell off, the mouth -  to the toes,
revealing the amalgam of the teeee-th-th,
boiling mercury burned the metals
out of holes…

Freezing night squeezed my bones
with its ten-ta-cles furiously,
then I noticed the Willow walls…
trying to  balance to enter the Ball
I CHEATED, disguised!..-
to get a vacant spot on the floor…

Today I’m still there at life Ball -
the partner, the lover, the jester-
a Zombie, dancing encore!

Brenda Warren                 

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An eraser

                a study: no an eraser allowed!

When I get hungry
Not for food or earthy men
(Realized I could have
a whole bowl for life),
Hungry for self expression
I’d rather buy the art supplies,
But an eraser…

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Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm studying an artistic gesture

“Some things really anchored, where they are.”
Peri  Schwartz, an artist

Some things really anchored,
where they are..
undone, unfinished, so you can start
a new  story on the edge of the end.

A story of the line,
horizontal or vertical,
not static, with art gesture:
a scrabble, a line, a mass,
staring in the facial features,
a scrabble clinging for look,
filled with an energy.

You speak as if throw the boomerang,
the arrows to reach, to find, to awake,
to disturb my artistic spirit,
tighten the knot of an infinite longing
for more, to uplift to your grid.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The most

“We’re all renting Earth”
Sheryl Crow
loop poem

We’re all renting Earth
Earth, where you get a skin
Skin sensation of breath
Breath of all you’ve seen.

Small or big, mammals, things
Things we care about the most
Most of us open heart
Heart an experience on Earth.

If you chose to collect the stuff
Stuff issues has flooded the world
World of Harmony & Love
Love will rescue the life discord.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Half & Half

If ‘Half & half’ city
open to build
who do we need?

King of this city-cooking grand cake,
singing the healing song
wherever it takes.

A Teacher, dancing the social issues,
writing the notes
to learn feng shui.

An Artist, inspiring all others to fly,
creating the leads,
connecting the pipes.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


“...perhaps life is only meant
to spill innocence”
E. Rinaldi

They ‘re ready  to spill next level
of transparency,
when all of sudden the sound absorbed
by pores of skin
trendy to swap what need for
perturbation within
to synchronize, valuate
majority now new minority
proportions wait to perform expo
of inversion,
retrograde of emotions,
commit the salvation
tied on invasion
of weak –
they have no mirror…  


dog by scavengercat808 

He was born with short ears. Never has been bound. 
Rarely was barking.
Sky blue eyes were the trumps. ‘Get lost’ labyrinths.
Anticipated bad weather, ears raised and fell down.
Panting, he circled eyes, - they become gigantic.
We called the dog Prophet, or shortly Pro. His favorite spot outside was by the fence, watching street life through the hole, formed by missing stake.

One late afternoon, on Sunday, I was sleepy, under weather, (the thunder’s expected), when agitated ‘bow-wow’ was heard from the garden.

I leaned forward heeding…A sharp dry sound made me jump off the sofa and snuggled up to the window.
Through the framed hole of severely broken fence, as if in the movie, I saw Pro, approaching the strange balancing in the mist silhouette.
The drunkard, hesitantly swaying on the edge of sidewalk lip, gradually slided to the roadway. Wearing the grey cloak he was invisible for oncoming two-storied tourist bus.

The world stopped. Just for moment. Sticky thoughts circled my heart…
Next I knew was wet wool of Pro, touching my skin, pulling the poor fellow  to the room. The drunkard slept as baby.

After this incident Pro has never been silent again. He easy got nervous.
So we decided to fix fence totally.  How I was surprised, when the young master appeared to be former drunkard. He celebrated the first paycheck from new job on that day. Grateful for saving his life, Brendon repaired the fence for free.
The mends were so perfect you could not even tell the board had been damaged.
 Now I always use the  leash to let Pro outside.  

Brenda Warren

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life path

At dawn no one can see the stars
Stars manifest themselves in the dark
Dark shadows cover the truth
Truth to become your voice stark.

Daylight heals the star fever
Fever approaches all to pass
Pass the trial and error road
Road we call the life path.

Once you turn your star On
On the way to discover the passion
Passion surrounds the happy vibes
Vibes of those reborn from the ashes.

Fireblossom Friday : "Redemption"

The Sunday Mini-challenge: Loop poetry

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Morning murmuring

Peanut butter
spinning in a gullet
crispy bites
invite for more,
but water dilutes
morning murmuring
wants – innocent,
not aware,
what for supper;
swoon with no fluids-
nothing suffers
after it’s gone.

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They –twins (kind of)
the same initials
and both inspire me

into my spare time
I hire the evidence
of my despair

while one is quiet charming,
soft mannered, another –
extrovertly expansive:
‘when one’s acting – the elbow
should be moving’ - 
‘It’s honor if you
 photograph my work’.

But with no words
the vivid lines
explaining motto.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It was dreadful day. Mom disapproved his new relationship.
Upset, lonely Toady decided to run.  But where?
Not far from home he noticed the steps. ‘Nice way to escape’.

Hastily skipping up, just in last moment he has noticed familiar
figures of …parents, looked toward him.
‘Welcome!’ -  invited the sign in their hands.

Reading the sign, Toady unconsciously touched it. Next moment
he felt sustained by clay, connected all three toads…

Toady has done fixing figurine. What the surprise for the  fiancé!
She’ll definitely approve his work. 

Poetry Jam: steps 

3WW: dreadful, hasty, sustain

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The protagonist

New moon, new seeds, new starts…
chaotic energy released
stay centered
in heart.

Emotions emerge on new level
diversity feels as lever
to manage

Extend the screen - pull apart
the curtains, watch the scene
Motor! Action!

And the main  hero…
YOU -  visible now,
use your power
for good.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013


Image by crilleb50

He blinked. Déjà vu? He saw the faces and date…
The eyes swept thoroughly searching for possible

Too many of them pointed to time carelessly spent.
Multidimensional matrix of nested encounters,

He basketed dandelions in the hat.They have sprouted,
what the seeds they brought…

‘When the sky turns bright by the chance, ripe moment-
broken past dates clocks -  guilty time will be over.’

Humming secret spell he’s connecting song
of bird with a flesh of stars
flapping magic wand
in the rhythmic dance
clever clocks: ‘tic-tac’,
and the healing starts…

by Brenda Warren


He cemented the dreams under ground. But they found him.
Alleged by third parties, concealing the maneuvers, he took
life day by day, stacking  profits, creating new niche
above  the market place.
But they found his warehouse anyway.
Finally he was proposed. Joyfully accepting the role of
treasurer Squeaky the Squirrel  shared  acorns with  friends.

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TWW: allege, conceal, propose

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Contour line

He said: go slowly
around the curve
feel, where it takes you,
find edges,
keep framing
inhale the shadow,
be persistent
you came
to discover,
so – trust
the instinct.

Drawing from observation

Contour line, silhouette
facet blindly drawn
fingers grip over
thumb and pointer

elbow-wing –
free expression
a pen follows eyes –
my first lesson

we try outline –
no sketch
with Sharpie marker
prolonged line
no peeking –
cover the page

next - pencil 4B
softly arranged
for sensitive touch,
no patience – I draw
all details and such
rather fast than slow.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Nice place

She said: It’s nice place.
He said: If we get meal on time.

She: Ah, happy faces!
He: Don’t twist your neck!

She: They all look at me!
He: Take off your glasses.

She: Why door’s closed?
He: All tickets are sold.

                  ~ * ~
He: Have all tickets been sold?
She: Yep, the door – closed.

He: Take off your glasses!
She: But all are looking at me!

He: Haven’t you hurt the neck?
She: Ah, happy faces!

He: Do we get ever meal on time?
She: What a nice place…

Poets United, Verse First ~ 'He said. She said.' Conversation,gossip or not.

Poetry Jam ~ Backward. Palindrome poem


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They worshiped the Queen. On exact time, every noon
on sharp edge of sunny hillside, swarm of bees
spilled the honeycombs.
Queen then visited every patch, laid on flowers and grass,
degustating. ‘Z-z-zest’, - repeatedly flew to heaven…

Unbidden aliens appeared as hail that noon:
-         click, click! - springing on Pogo sticks from flower to flower,
-         click, click! – collecting honey through trunks,
-         click, click! – pouring it into tube on the hip.
They looked like ghosts wearing white cloaks with sticking out antennas.

‘Honey, your friends outside waiting,’- buzzed the Queen.
Archie in amazement opened eyes: ‘Do they wear white cloaks?’
Mom enigmatically smiled. Yellow and black strips on her apron moved in vibrant dance.  

Image credit - Brenda Warren