Sunday, October 20, 2013

Willow Manor Ball: Diary of Zombie

Nothing and everything, a gravel, a brick,-
I counted each one, when flew into a ditch
over the fence through the tRash-sh-sh
the jaws fell off, the mouth -  to the toes,
revealing the amalgam of the teeee-th-th,
boiling mercury burned the metals
out of holes…

Freezing night squeezed my bones
with its ten-ta-cles furiously,
then I noticed the Willow walls…
trying to  balance to enter the Ball
I CHEATED, disguised!..-
to get a vacant spot on the floor…

Today I’m still there at life Ball -
the partner, the lover, the jester-
a Zombie, dancing encore!

Brenda Warren                 

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  1. ha. a zombie dancing the encore eh? smiles.

  2. Such a great sense of mystery behind our masks, as who knows with whom we dance or if the play makes sense out of sync our ghosts and the fallen curtain, but it is fun to dance these holy days and then to leave the movie with the feeling this is where I came in...

  3. You've left me smiling this morning - great combination of the wordle words and the Manor Ball!
    Enjoy your dance!

  4. zombies can dance? Wow never would have guessed that on first glance lol

  5. thanks for the tango....great style

  6. Oh this was witty dancing with zombies...clever write..

  7. A zombie ball - sounds good to me!

  8. Great combination. Unique.

  9. Very fun! Enjoyed reading.

  10. Whew! It's so hard for me to imagine a dancing zombie, but this poem takes me there.

  11. I have seen many movies on zombies, but never saw a dancing zombie. Here it is!

  12. smile-inducing :) ~

  13. Sounds like I missed a great ball! This made me smile.

  14. What a ball..sorry I missed it. Delightful piece!!

  15. Thank you all for reading! I'm glad that you liked my diary. The Ball was awesome! You can still read the memoirs of others at Thanks for the inspiration the host of the Ball - Tess Kincaid and Brenda Warren, who offered remarkable words for the story at Sunday Whirl:
    Everyone- invited to participate! Write on!

  16. I really like the way you infused sounds into your piece.

  17. a zombie disguised, still dancing. I feel for the poor fella - take off the mask and no one would want him around.