Friday, August 29, 2014

The trial

“keep letting water steal soles
and keys to the poems”
E. Rinaldi

Day comes: you know
where you stuck
feel *take a breath*
fragmented heart
will show
where soul
lurking thru hole
in traveling bag
back in time
to find stolen smile
playing the slides
in the flower bed
of enlightenment.

I’m trying to run
leaving blue prints
poems behind
you can follow
wrong! this is mine…
my only way-
the sea shells aware
ocean will know
swallowing them

the trail of
milestones and falls.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

By fire

 Art by Redbubble
Art by Redbubble

Neon colors meet the canvas’
assembling interactive savor
assuming a banquet  galore
to ponder
to understand the play by
the fireplace of prolonged tales.

As long as your stamina
the proper mood, well-toned
be aware of severe fever of soul:
prepare the floral bouquet .

Logs/wood moan in the fire,
restrain the goblins in
Trojan horse/body,
dying of desperation
a gene  of love.

when guru in orb form
came in the view to
put out the flame,
spill rain,
prevent the desire
to master
the puzzle of One…

Neon colors meet the canvas’
assembling interactive savor
assuming a banquet  galore
to ponder
to understand the play by
the fireplace of prolonged tales.

Vibrant, unburdened, darling
alerted, altered
throughout all vortexes
to carry in aura
nurtured in peace
with no war.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Starry Night by Alex Ruiz 

I forgot
to put the canvas on
the tripod
the evening sky
with stars, constellations,
new moon
were on

the cliff
of my rickety mind
with half rifted
in flight
longing for challenge
in meditative mode

the faces/baffles
of flowers
on the field
the moon.
-Aha!.. – I sighed,
slammed the eyes.-
Millions necks
turned to my side.

Smiling to absence
of a common
language and cart,
I realized being one
of them.
The flower,
under one big moon
with only difference:
I took it for granted…

For the first time
I started to see myself
in new light…

“People look like flower
at last” C. Bukowski 

by Brenda Warren

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


 Photos by Joel Robison
photo by Joel Robinson 

the heaven
to earth
used to
we flied-
the stars?

& lines

was engraved
in leaves -

the pattern,
by wind
and trees

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Joel Robinson's photo

You said: “Nice to see you…”
The wobbles have run
prolonged and sparse-
a distortion occurred…

impulsive heart
assumed this farce
as a message of love…

swaying in a bubble,
cured old wounds,
feeling morose…

a magnetic power of choice…

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Triquain Remix
by Heartlover1717 via photopin cc


The fear of
being embarrassed once
stopped from expansion out of the zone.
Daring today toward your dreams creates the base.
You have plenty of time to add all
the bells and the whistles
later on.


Words have weight
when the fiery Leo
meets the spontaneous Mercury.
Have courage to radically change the way you
 present yourself. The style can summon
chaos to cause, unleash
new power.


What demimonde
has the right
to judge
with candle on or off
the way I peel
the rind of oranges
as transgression of rites?

Despite the abomination
of isolation
I keep the allegiance
to the asylum
I see myself
in Africa.

by Brenda Warren

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Dan Minix Art
Dan Minix Art

we're looking for
to fill us
to the fullest
so you decide
to give yourself
“me time” .

In the morning
when still alive
clear head
awoke early
a shower
some exercises
don’t feel so stiff
you're lying down
on the high pillows
with neck dogbone
on the top 
to read
Charles Bukowski
“The Pleasures of the damned”
the poems of  51-93 yr.

Get amazed how he used
his pen/ a wand
to make something
of nothing
and everything
each speck of dust
(“if you run your finger
along the window ledge
you'll find dirt”)
plays  the role
and defines
the partake in life
(this dirt “maybe even earth”)
this day, the morning,
a weekend,
not end yet…

The world's preparing  
for rain…

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Talk turkey

 photo by Cory Morse |

She run her hand along the hair
to eradicate the squeamish images
of worrisome turkey at the safety island,
awaiting its turn to cross the road…

The truth sometimes - a mercenary
to whom we pay to stay an innocent… 

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


'The marriage of heaven and hell' by Keith Haring, 1985

The hand has reached the hand
to save and not to kill,
to sacrifice no limit love
for youngest grain,

to bend, to hand the ring of life
without a sound of complain
about a case, an awkward way
to fill the lane,complete
short path,

as it’s been seen by sacred eye
as a part of bigger plan,
brought him straight
to the deep water…

by Brenda Warren

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Saturday, August 9, 2014


 RachelPaintings~ Etsy
Expelled from the Garden of Eden by RachelPaintings~ Etsy

You said: let’s come back
to the garden
to enjoy the tree,
the apple, the snake,
being naïve…

we’re there,
but everything ‘ve changed:
a snake wears glasses,
a transparent skin,
earbuds, aged…

apples – so many brands,
each one wrapped in a rainbow
digital case,
to eat – find a code,
dial, submit and sign
that was used your permit.

to eat or not...?

Friday, August 8, 2014


Superstitious ~ fidostudio~ Pinterest

In your eyes
sinus chasing cosinus
a serpentine way
pulls me in
to explore,
but I cling for
brows’  slurs
not sure, indecisive…
flickering allure;

 the safest place-
in the center-
face it,
created with
a basic purpose-                                       
to breath. Beneath-
two watermelon halves,
seedless, ripe
while  you share a smile,
the sweetness –
so lovely oval-
be framed,
not tamed
or exiled.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lust lasts until a lasso twirling

Elizabeth Taylor by Frank Worth, 1956  "Giant"

Don’t get irritated by the sound of disclosed door,
allow the bliss,
invite the triggers/signals to ignite an appetite,
even wear sunglasses to provoke a sun,
imagine flamboyant jumbled garden
with flowers and veggies,
‘cause this is a point -
re-tire the car,
lust lasts until a lasso twirling!

by Brenda Warren

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Lucky incentives

 Wire Moon ~ Dawn
~ Dawn~by Wire Moon

Enroll your muse- hands over a heart-
and splash the Ki into ears and eyes.

Experience a breakthrough,
feel renewed and alive.

Prepare a chair to relax
but as in a farce – be aware-
you’ll find an empty spot
when turn – the time lapse.

Sustained stress prolongs the pain-
congealed body will not serve.

Revive a glistering wire-thought,
add a positive emotion
to heal an energy of planet Earth.

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