Monday, October 21, 2013


I'm studying the proportions

Swiftly winking eyes rolled up,
fumbling hands look for balance…

-         …you stuck?! – my line
have reached the curve.
Where to go? Time for proportions
to figure out priority:
do I need someone’s authority…

trying to feel the ground,
why once the work I love - found,
I’m loosing an interest,
(or taking for granted?)
longing for something else,
to challenge myself with
a role totally wrong,
but good  for him/her…
money and style...
(so masochistic incline)
known as positive asset…

-Check the head, - he pulled forward
a thumb measuring, - 2.5 heads
in the length of the body.
I’ve arranged the paper/isle
for prolonged study… 


  1. Challenge is the way to be, never know what you'll see

  2. def we have to figure out proportions and refind balance in our lives.....i though know the feeling of needing of something else though...