Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hidden life

Form & Shape study

What we know about
the form and shapes...
a photo - pre-flattened,
...seen only parts-
so use cues, visual acuity...

I turned the light on
to make out the details
of a hidden life,
covered by egoistic shadow;

it’s been curled in the form
of latte-tan kitten,
rumbling her way
to cozy purity
within my arm.

I watched her dark
eye-fishing style:
to stare into my four,
narrowed the sight;

penetrating thru the glasses,
to greet another kitten
behind eye lashes;

whisker -ing irrelevant
surreal sibling
beneath the human


  1. a hidden life covered over in the shadow of the ego...smiles. latte tan...cool description....

  2. kitten behind the eyes, they tell no lies

  3. In fact we all have different shades to our personalities.

  4. I love how this rolls out..almost into surreality..as perhaps hidden lifes are?