Sunday, March 31, 2013

Starry bridge

Music: A.Zatsepin, Lyrics (Russian): L.Derbenev, "31 of June" - fantastic two-part 
musical TV movie based on the eponymous novel by John B. Priestley (1978).
 Below is my translation of the song from this movie "Starry bridge".

Heavenly lights are floating
along immense starlike road,
over the deep black abyss,
forming a starry bridge for us.

We are among the stars and darkness
each other found in unthinkable sky dust
for the Milky Way to become someday
the road of eternal love!

Everything may ends suddenly,
you do not lose me in the twinkling stars,
won't be destroyed by loneliness
our starry bridge again.


Let Dipper bucket, Big Dipper
melted slowly faded away.
Let's hope that Starry bridge
will help to love, will sway...


Thursday, March 28, 2013

The secret

Hands down

I've invited my ego
for cleansing and healing

I've been through
multiple races
in different places,
now - adding
this one.

They sway
in imagination,
changing the colors,
switching the tempers
with texture and dollars,-
yeah, pricey our choice
of mixture...

put your signature
to speed up the future
beaten, tired -
someone might get
the result
on the plate
with a golden

Now, warranty's expired,
but we able to manage
the hours,
switch the hands,
and pretend -
we got coverage
for any trend...

But in hard times
whether we'll have
enough strength
to pull All Hands
to the pumps...

Image: 'The Clockmaker' by Russian artist Ivan Vasilievich Kliun (1873-1943)

Friday, March 22, 2013


Spring boom-burst ‘s
reached the sky
Universe – applauded.

Cool sun–clouds
& wind-whisperer
storm-palms up.

Trees twig-birds loudly
threatened men
toga-cave songs.

Women bee-flowers
sway-joy spread-dance
revealing cage-men-hunter.

Read more at: d'Verse Kennings - the metaphor of Scalds

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Negative space

A positive state
of my negative space,
late wintery shade
I mindfully trace.

Haven't seen coming
such puzzling time,
haven't imagined
untangling life line.

I've built my home
on the top of the twig,
haven't been noticed

Playing with me,
sun rolled into pond,
left me clinging
to dream until dawn.


It's cold. It's chilly.
How frozen're my feelings...
But with rising sun
everyone's inspired to sign
to be a member
of jazz radio team
to survive with music
in winter extreme...
And we're sitting
cozy at home
with coffee and tea,
wearing layers of fears
under the winter dome,
hidden within the clothes
tulips and roses alike
in idle poses
while our souls collide...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Auto-writing: Insight at this shifting time

(continuation, part 3)
Live every day,
play on inner plane,
spot what's emotional,
attractive, glorious;
recognize wise
well rounded pebbles,
listen their stories,
interact on different levels
as archangels do, sages done,
Rama - too,
being in two places simultaneously,
be different skills' the precept,
for anyone searching -
help on the quest of balance,
clearing not working
stagnant valence,
frozen 'bachelor of perfection' set -
is it possible to have it if you -
only human, not bio robot yet...

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Auto-writing: going through

"Once Mars enters Aries on the March 12th,
we will be kicking off about all month
cycle where up is down, down is up,
left is right and right is gone."
Robin Adams,
Practical Astrologer
(continuation, part 2)
...brewing core cause
the decor to whistle
in chimney,
whimsical velour
and coral cavities of
harpoon the clear air
after eruption,
I feel the Windows Vista
preserving cd drive
from corruption -
like playing the
whist in a bistro
of 18th century,
silver lining,
dreaming of
carousel through cell
jigsaw puzzle,
chiropractor plays
cello for your lover
lower back pain,
repairs the spine
barrier to bow
to open the entrance
to guided amendment
to meditation,
to show the ambulance
how to grow
equivalent fractions...
feel the attraction?
(to be continued)
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Auto-writing: a tunnel to light

(part 1)
A million feels great
through corpuscular arch
volume of cells,
valuable philosophy
chew to achieve,
curl the core of ear
for Darth Vader's
'hard to return'
to the Light,
who overthrew
the evil Empire
to let his guard

to fulfill the Light Force
to summon healing chi,
penetrating cometary
threat, forming
genius fortune,
challenging pill's muss;
the hord connects -
the chaos solution,-
in the loop of
probiotic karma -
no straight lines -
we run into bumps,

check the pulse -
expect to lose
wages and burning
fake tracks,
attracted by
watermelon scent, -
the carpet odor
on my tongue -
I send 'Thank you'
with sense
"I'm loser..."

savvy tabloids
fill the book stamps,
try to distract them
with Alaska salmon,
an immune system

nailed to the Light
tunnel faster...

(to be continued)

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yes, we hope for Eternity

"We keep trying to connect,
eyes pregnant in the darkness."
when the water broke -
there is no excuse,
doesn't help wise crock
with a patience blues...
when a burning fate brook
flowing into life -
will you feel as spook?
will you pray to survive?
till the bond be set
through the sealed fates,
balanced, asserted,
true and ...not too late.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The promise of Spring


I know:
  Spring's hiding in here,
        somewhere close:
        I heard this morning
          chirping sparrows.
In afternoon
   the sky - in amazement
      sighed, while embraced
         along the horizon
            by pink scarf
               of hope.
In evening
   I stopped,
      stunned by feeling:
         my Love has arrived,
             shy to appear,
                just sends me the flowers,
                   unfurling in Spring.

Straight thoughts

"Let us not vex our souls for stoppage of a breath"
Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
As long as I keep
my thoughts straight,
avoiding emotional tension,
the common sense
won't lead me astray -
reality must grab attention.
As if only burden of mine
was a shovel -
I start right now
dig out the snow
to clear
the parking spot
of my life.
From far far away
I've been called,
my name - counted in
the list of tested -
so maybe in couple days
I'll be requested
to meet someone new
on multidimensional level,
offered new project,
but first,
filtering my requisites,
I'll be asked,
what I remember
the best?
Besides my name's change -
the life process...
And if this lovely path
brings me to cliff,
will I appall
or just wave
my new grown wing
and soar in a flow?...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter ode

I'm snow bird,
stuck in the bank
of new 10 inches
of snow.
How to get back
in warmly-warm
of dreamy home
and me-summer...

These hours,
filled with power -
I ponder slowly,
with snowflakes
no pain, no burns,
all're healed
on Earth
with soft snow
our ears and eyes
to winter ode.