Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life path

At dawn no one can see the stars
Stars manifest themselves in the dark
Dark shadows cover the truth
Truth to become your voice stark.

Daylight heals the star fever
Fever approaches all to pass
Pass the trial and error road
Road we call the life path.

Once you turn your star On
On the way to discover the passion
Passion surrounds the happy vibes
Vibes of those reborn from the ashes.

Fireblossom Friday : "Redemption"

The Sunday Mini-challenge: Loop poetry


  1. well done ... loved the picture and the poem met the challenge... :)

  2. Have to make that star shine even in the light of day

  3. I like that discovering of the star, our passion, which brings us back to the path of life ~ Good work on the loop poetry ~ Thanks for participating in Sunday's challenge ~

    Happy week ahead ~

  4. I like "once you turn your star on". I hope to do that very soon:)

  5. I love yours and the thoughts of turning on a star~

  6. Nice combination of the 2 Toads challenges from the weekend, Humbird.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments! Thank you for challenge, Grace and Shay!

  8. You looping poem works very well in expressing your idea of redemption.

  9. i def like the last bit there...all part of the life path...finding the star to follow...letting the passion grow...our passion will def see us through many things...

  10. fine poem, Humbird, and cool way to meet both challenges ~ M

  11. trial and error -- ha i so can relate to this... i tend to live life like this...smiles.. ah it's not easy to find our way... but we will...

  12. Turning one's "star on" is so appealing!