Monday, April 30, 2012

Beyond the horizon

The night was interrupted unexpectedly
I was awakened on the ridge of roller coaster
rushing along the curve of wave,
('please, stay seated, and enjoy
the ups and downs',)
bitten by jelly fish,
clinging for air,
holding solar plexus
to keep soul in the body,
humming 'A' theme in f manner...
did I tell you about
motion sickness?

As if having been in the stomach of the whale
from the tale of Pinocchio
I counted all the angles
in hilly pasture
yeah! found fifth corner,
as discovered fifth element
to move to the next dimension,
where straight lines are not visible,
just angles.
Stomach continued to produce
swallow sounds
helpless in attempts to understand
what is happening
I passed the horizons of probable,
where 'yes' and 'no' became
the parts of the whole...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New feeling

The sky is falling down
the world turned over
can't just have enough
of you

walking in the clouds
new style shoes
platforms with
jumping springs

sun's burning under feet
instead above
new feeling
train hoots...
from beneath

this sudden caprice
no longer be refused
forgotten ever
rapid pulse...

Under the weather

A vacancy's offered to me:
to guide the thunder,
to coordinate the winds,
to form the lightening
by colliding clouds.

I am under stormy weather,
stressed out by the choice.
The better way for me
to go out - thru...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inside rhythm

Clap/snap in swing rhythm (1 2 3 4  - the accent on weak beats 2 & 4)

You got the claps claps
in swing music
the syncopate rhythm
in swing music
sho be du be, do be du dat

One clap
the dude rose
Two claps
the rage passed

Stop to chew on monkey business
sho be du be, do be du dat
take the time to unlock the treasure
sho be du be, do be du dat
open door from the inside
dop dudat dah...

Friday, April 27, 2012


Tighten pegs
penetrate the air
in deep trance
the piano

harmonized soul
embossed in
'know how' ways
to adapt

measure your steps
while marching in crowd
with victory

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Go with flow

Waves of the thoughts
from my ECG graph
match with the waves
on my brow
some of them - high
some of them - low

waits by the door,
baked with love,
spreading odor
flowers and card -

grateful and happy
falling off bed
laughing wildly -
stressful effect
brings us to closer
view under roof
looking for only
existing my move

may be appeared
prismatic principle
took refuge here
clothed mystically -
dare to turn over

the fellowship weights
very rough waves
once human takes
the apple -
promoted to
celestial temple!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

When wings grow

3x4 photo
outgoing fashion
awakes my desire
to break into the city
on the surreal cloud
passing temples
and their crowns
in pastel drawing

iridescent seaport
beckoning from far away
thin brushes creation
almost revived video
tuned in to chat
the vessels
with varies skew contours
in reflected light
universal kaleidoscope

memory keeps
flowers delivered
in chronometric order
each fall,
school's ironing
the red ties -
emerging winter
in the air

Monday, April 23, 2012

Auto-writing. Inner voice climbs to be heard

Bread offering time
burden beholder
bucket of water
poured on the shoulder
guardian angel
weeping in my ear
yellow pattern
one thousand years
learning untangle
things in the loop

you throw the key
in the pool of success
what do you want
has to be even
locked in a shell
only contours...
someone frequencies...
swaying between
cold sensations -
ice cream attack!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New home

my roots
have been
for more Earth
for this unique
life cycle

so lucky
to see
as old star seed
the different sides
of the planet Earth

between two worlds,
two homes
there are common ground
I've found -
the planet Earth

the north and south,
east and west,
above and below're
invited for quest
within me

my tenderness
isn't missed,
not dispelled
with those 7 winds
its kept here,
within me
in peace

my eyes're
lit up with
the love I find
to new home,
to the whole
new world
under the name "I"

Friday, April 20, 2012

Song of Syrinx

can we hide from true love...

furled petals of lilac
revealed so tenderly
ancient story about
emotions of love...

Pan, the Greek god of forest
chased Syrinx, the nymph,
captivated by her beauty.

Known for chasity nymph,
scared by desperate affection,
turned herself into bush
at the near river's edge.

Inconsolable god
cut the reeds,
made the first set
of pan pipes,
which was named Syrinx.

Seems, the meaning the same,
which one image is closer:
purple lilac,
the song of Syrinx,
eternal Love ?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

From worry to peace


Pink and blue
through eyes' soften view
the ivory blinds.
I hear the crows
so anxious this spring.

Their voices burst
into my throat
cause to feel
the worry of birds...

I'm coughing,
pouring the water,
trying to clean up
my throat
to turn the worry
in calming peace...


Not easy to switch,
you have to wait
for right time to come,
and have the discipline,
and devotion... accomplish the goal
you can work,
and wish for reward,
but first, for success
you need to nourish,
support others
with patience
and warm heart,

because life is
like a boomerang:
what you give
you get back
ten times more
so, become the bridge
to help transform
fear into attraction
to connect desires
with paradise island!

Enjoy on the path
each step you take.
Channel anxiety
in 'wow' experience,
sparkled with joy.

Juggle the pop up
emotions bubbles
to retreat, celebrate
with passion and glow!

Persistence, integrity
and compassion
leads to slow,
but constant progress.

In the end,
you accomplish
something great,
united with goal
of your journey -
the Peace!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time heals

wide-open skies
the vail of silence,
soaked in the rain,
late raindrops're whispering:
you were in love...

I was...
forgive my heart: cooled off
time heals...
I'll leave my look
to warm you up
between the twigs

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Playing with the 'rain'

sleeping under rain
with gentle bit
of train

slipping into rain
to rewind
my brain
to release

sliding on the
ridge of rain
summer slide
don't you mind?

crying with the rain
to hide the tears
to forgive my griefs
to reduce my pain

clarify the aim

washing up the Earth
with Reiki rain
helping to erase
the hurt and strain

sturdy rhyme with pain
just teach and train
to think of grain:

'what you sow
so shall your reap'

makes me to believe
in happiness and Love
I'll gain...

shall we love again?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tell us, birds

Tell us, birds: what attract you in the heights,
you are so boldly raised above me;
maybe it is so easy to fly
because you don't aspire to success,
grievance of last years doesn't hurt you,
these winged years, wonderful years?

Come on, birds, fly, fly,
through midnight, and the sun at its zenith.
Verse per verse around the world
distribute this song to people,

and the mushroom rains' silver threads.
Verse per verse around the world
distribute this song to people,
and the mushroom rains' silver threads.

Tell us, birds, now it's right time
that our planet - a fragile glass.
Neat birch, the rivers and fields -
from above they are softer than crystal,
shell we really hear from all sides
crystal bells, ringing a farewell?

Come on, birds, fly, fly,
through midnight, and the sun at its zenith.
Verse per verse around the world
distribute this song to people,
and the mushroom rains' silver threads.
Verse per verse around the world
distribute this song to people,
and the mushroom rains' silver threads.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


How do you learn
what is good? -
by having
an experience
of bad.

The newborn baby's
just crying
to express
to the world
his frustration
of not knowing
how to breathe,
and how to breathe
with no pain...


What do you do
when the pain -
just consistent
'friend', living
with you
without permission,
but taking advantage
of your compassion?
takes time
to become
one 'family'.


Different tricks
you create
to distract
this annoying
and the person's
freaking out,
'friend' shows up
by unconsciously
moving the body,
pulling the hands or head,
trying helplessly to stop...,
calling to world
to respect,
to be counted in,
but gets this:
- Mental!
- Looser!
- Minority...

What the reward
just to be heard,
giving chance
to heal,
to release,
let it go
to past,
to curse,
to karma,
to pain!


And remember:
any person
we meet
some part of us,
so, please, smile
to the stranger,
treat him/her
as better
part of you.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a rainbow

April showers
Spring true colors
Create your rainbow today

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012


"Be patient with your fellow travelers"
~ Robin Austin, the astrologer

...imagine, one day
my tolerance
for the world and people
The pieces are flying around
like million debris
of broken mirror,
dropped from the icy hands of
lady Snow Queen.

These pieces're reflecting
what's changing inside of me,
multiple faces,
many encounters,
different fates,
the 'teachers',
those people,
who pushed
my 'hot buttons'
to trying to draw
my attention
to issues
that must have been
solved in the current
life cycle.

The mirror pieces
penetrate into
hearts and eyes
of curious fans,
they're open to learn,
attuned to ice builders,
their own names
letter by letter
out of crystals...

But scary enough
this image is faded!
I look in my mirror -
dare to escape it!

What do you see
in YOUR mirror?

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Saturday, April 7, 2012


My intention comes up
from the slumbering clouds
unexpectedly starting
to transform
into mystical vessels
"unknown lands"

what the reason
for people to change
held back feelings
for long time...
and after that
spilling over the edge
unspent emotions...
desperately looking
for someone's approval?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Reiki, the dog, intuition and colors

Memorable moment -
stop! stand still!
The door opens -
the dog approaches -
golden retriever,
the therapeutic dog,
smart, mellow,
sniffs my hands,
wags the tail,
sits down,
allows to hold
my hands
over head...
for 1 minute
then lies down,
closes eyes,

Its owner steps forward
for her session.
I'm asking to pick
the color from the box
with markers
of 12 colors.
She slowly pulls
a light blue;
an intent: to release
the stress, the tension.
Some questions and answers
between my motions,
and visualizing the "blue".
The energy - clear
except the throat,
the tough feeling,
sensation of vacuum...
"deep breathing", - I ask her,
and ...hear soon:
"feels better and
blocks're dissolved."

energy centers,
for throat chakra
the color - light blue:
about expression,
the voice presentation,
self love, self esteem...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Deep emotions
hidden desires
trying cross over
boundaries tied us.

We are created them
by our will
wrapping the dreams
around the bill.

Feeling as nurturing
seed that within
all we experience
unstoppable win!

Using our magic
in spite of resistance
only for our
own assistance.

Writing persistently
meaningful claim
skilled survivors of
eternal flame.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flying above the clouds

I close my eyes
and words are arising from the void
like dew drops,
like breathing stillness of night -
I am a white bird,
flying above the clouds
toward the place where dreams come true,
toward the place where dreams come true.

And you haven't known,
And you haven't known,
You haven't known me...

And quietly rocking,
the earth drifts away under feet,
and suddenly light gets flares up
we don't need any words -
I am a white bird,
flying above the cluods
toward the place where dreams come true
toward the place where dreams come true.

And you haven't known,
And you haven't known,
I haven't known myself...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dogs are sincere

We hear:
be prepared,
don't take things
too close
to heart,
but our small
the dogs
don't know
about the human

They live life
with passion
and play
They're barking
and crying
so penetrating
when we leave
for vacation...