Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shadow and I

Something unusual
catching the sight,
to see - follow
the straight path of light.

Whether the light rays're
passing the edges
of 3D object -
one shouldn't be a sage
to perceive 2D shadow
of me -

peacefully soaking
in the bath with a Lily's
delicate salt scent...
I struck!
my shadow's walking away...
doesn't want to listen
the words of prayer,
dropped the soap
in the water behind,
trying to destruct
my focusing mind...

I spent time
to convince its
to follow my way -
unleashed and soothed
to stay
on the wall...well...for wee...

Should I send its a survey
with the query to reply,
and a request:
keep in balance with me?

Friday, July 27, 2012


   Having nice supper
  in the restaurant
  with close friends

  and colleagues,
  talking about life's

  ups and downs,
  the old man was given

  ride to home after that
  to relax and enjoy
  calm evening,

  but instead...

 No more faith...,
 wired coil of rope

 around the body,
 seeing cards,

 falling with domino effect
 as the karma.
'You are fraud'- whisper..

 Is it low self-esteem?
 Maybe fear of future,
 or tightly attached


After taking pills
there is prayer time,
when he prays

for 150 people
he has known,

took care about,
working as a coordinator
in mental service -
not scratching surface,

but digging deeply under...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fit in

Can we generate
like a plants
highly ordered
to fit
into tiny space
using efficiency
and Fibonacci
series of numbers?

The nature's
never numbs,
grass never asks
when to grow,
and full with foliage
for us to show,
how patterns and shapes
fit in divine plan
in order we could
don't only live on
the Earth,
but be with it
as One

Saturday, July 21, 2012



...when something is starting to rot -
it's time to repair the damage...(inspired by Tarot)

not a dream, real vision:
the crow, an intelligent bird,
carry out the bloody
remains of treated body
in front of me, driving the car;

the crow, the forest corpsman on duty,
reminds me: it's time to repair,
rejuvenate and renew,
to separate the mind from the matter
with one clean and precise move
as the path of the surgeon's knife... it would be amazing...
        if only we could
        save and repair
        what spoiled...

        like separating
        a soul from
        the body...

wounded nature will healed
and then
returned to the base...
in 100 years
a guilt will be forgotten...

Correction will clears the way
for fresh, new beginnings.

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first kiss

Friday, July 20, 2012

Deja vu

I step into
the same water twice -
deja vu?
Same and not -
in the same time:
familiar faces're
playing sitcom,
all my reflexes are
challenged now:
from reaction
to very
assertive action.

I see myself
in more complicated
I teach, I learn, I observe
in one screen.
I've made extra time,
the thinking mode,
when I can stop, think,
take the note...

So, when I step
in the same water
again -
there are
nothing to lose,
but new lesson
to gain.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The houses are moving
closer to each other,
the path to childhood
starts to overgrow,
I'm peeking from afar,
no thoughts to hurt...
I leaf through a memory
with awe and slow

walk through the streets,
the way I've done it in the past,
I'm getting closer to the sea,
and breathe more freely,
how alive my feelings,
all memorable meetings
I'm listening and see...

the Duke still waiting
to provide the tour de luxe,
and meet and greet
by shooting a cannon,
and Pushkin grateful for
an inspired moment,
still shows back to home
across the street...

where white acacia
has bloomed,
and air been filled
with poetry and music,
I've met my muse,
I flew with joy,
I see it now
closer to amusing...

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New chance

Here I am,
my orange silhouette,
choosing the see-look-at
the map of destinations,
juggling in rotations
with words
and expressions,
just extensions...
and many-many questions...

How to know,
what table to serve
and feel/heal the nerve,
when shaking hands
Are you match or they
trying to pull you
in wrong way?

How to know,
where place the straw
to fall (not fail) softly
and slow in love
with (out) sorrow
with face forward
for show and tell?

How to know
which word will trigger
old pain,
and push hot buttons
of forgotten co-pays
with due today,
if not - sue?
No way.

How sharp's my pencil
to cut the strings,
attached to past ring,
to choose better path -
not the buffet pass
with cashier's wry:
'what is change?'
Or maybe exchange it

Seeds of truth,
planted in ground,
with roots expanding
all year around,
twisted with hope
and promise to bring
new chance
for soul abundance
and freedom sense.

When the first buds,
quenching their thirst,
glance in the sky,
touch fertile earth,
bloom in the light -
then we'll be know
how it feels
  at home...
    in flow...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clear day

One of those days -
I am early up,
when birds awake,
immersed in a night moisture,
they're warming up the voices
with morning dew,
rehearsing music parts,
as usually dividing
for the soprano and the altos.

Anticipating fun,
I'm sneaking closer
and stunned,
pulling curtain's cord:
so clear glass,
and air glows,
washed up by the rain,
my window highlighted
by the storm!

The sky still bears traces
of the struggle and triumph,
between the odds,
prestige and self-control.
But washed away
the learned skill
next moment,
when the rising sun
throws pastel cloak
on sky's blue skin.

Invisible sky-lighter
moves slowly switcher up,
and show will begin - unique,
with shades and colours,
and every face I meet
will keep the traces
of struggle and triumph
I saw on morning sky
in theater of life
with people as an actors.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Natural remedy

I know nice spot
to take the shower
for my soul
in clear
heavenly teardrops.

I'll weave
the tapestry of herbs
to use as a towel
to dry and heal
my scars in heart,
and be my cover.


The physical weight doesn't matter,
when our ethereal bodies met -
there's no more stagnation and fear:
in flow we shift and connect.

Ethereal body - so light,
so easy to carry and care,
and even abandoned, - flies
and friendly hangs out in the air.

Invisible, weightless I float...
above you...
neglecting precaution...
but grounded! How I forgot
about the Law of Attraction?

Saturday, July 7, 2012


We strive to complete our mission
to receive the permission
to proceed
to new dimensions
to perceive new time
with no time line
as unexpected gift
to our age lie -
shall we die?

After all we alive
with wisdom and confusion,
quartz DNA inclusions,
and this's just prelude
to our brain enhancement,
renewed attitude
to help with placement
in the god's world plan
near completion
to click on inner plane
with love and compassion.

While climbing up hill -
the goal's in sight,
and mystery will -
on the mountain backside...

Thursday, July 5, 2012


"I'm writing a historical novel!"

my translation of the song, written in 1975 by Russian bard Bulat Okudzhave

In a dark glass bottle
from under imported beer
red rose bloomed
proudly and slowly.

The historical novel
I wrote a little by little,
breaking as into the fog
from prologue to epilogue.

Ref.: Everyone writes what he hears,
        everyone hears how he breathes,
        as he breathes so he writes,
        not trying to please.
        Since the nature wanted
        why? - not our business,
        why? - not for us to judge.

There the sky was blue ahead,
and the fantasy - in abundance,
and out of my destiny
I pulled the thread by thread.

I fitted out the heroes in the path,
searched notes about past,
and imagined myself as
retired lieutenant.


Fantasy's not a hoax,
the idea's not yet the whole,-
give me to finish a novel
until the last page.

And while it still alive,
red rose in a bottle,
give me to shout out words,
that long lie in the bank.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

extra cloud

Never thought -
        to make you happy
    I need to draw
               only one extra cloud
     in clear sky

Too close

I come to close
to see what is real:

at the edges of cake
talking of sweets...-
maybe it's time to quit

slippery ground -
take precautions -
wear rubber suit
or you'll be swept out
of cushions
causing burst!

...and many pieces of you
with colorful choices
will fly away
with various voices
in alternative parallel worlds...

discovering many mistakes,
aligning again to god given pathway,
but feeling much better,
on higher level
with new experience
on planet Earth

with multiple pieces of me
met together
I'll retrace you again,
you - my fate.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


my translation, based on the poem of 1913 yr. by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova 

The real tenderness
can't be confused
with anything,
and it's quiet.

You're needlessly
coddle gently
my shoulders
and chest
in the fur.

And in vain you say
humble words
about first love.
How well I know
these persistent
not being fed
looks of yours!