Friday, October 18, 2013


I'm studying an artistic gesture

“Some things really anchored, where they are.”
Peri  Schwartz, an artist

Some things really anchored,
where they are..
undone, unfinished, so you can start
a new  story on the edge of the end.

A story of the line,
horizontal or vertical,
not static, with art gesture:
a scrabble, a line, a mass,
staring in the facial features,
a scrabble clinging for look,
filled with an energy.

You speak as if throw the boomerang,
the arrows to reach, to find, to awake,
to disturb my artistic spirit,
tighten the knot of an infinite longing
for more, to uplift to your grid.


  1. nice...a lot of subtle / intense feeling in that last stanza...speaking like a boomerang...tightening the knot of an intimate longing is another cool line...

  2. starting a new story at the edge of the end.. i like that...the movement and openness of it..

  3. Duck when the boomerang comes, then duck again when it comes back, don't be fooled haha

  4. Nice. Artistic poetry!
    Thanks for visiting the Story Whirl Verse. I just finished posting the latest addition.
    Here you go...There is always 'a new story at the edge of the end...'
    Cheers, Jules