Sunday, September 29, 2013


not my  student

'Play steady', - aka 'live steady'. In balance.
Is it possible? Who can...
He's trying to follow my instruction -
to raise the wrist while climbing 'roll ups'
with fingers, cheeks getting blush (anger?),
eyes – pregnant of tears, boiling...
oh, boy...- 'please, go wash your face',
(and all fear), - I send him to bathroom (my student)...
so many times praying: 'don't take
my advise too close...we're working...
mastering skills...scales are tricky...
you have to be ready to walk along
invisible line – to sound steady...'

Poets United 


  1. A fine piece of composure with gentle and steady advice for the apprentice....


  2. What sheer talent the boy has...steady work does it ~ Happy sunday ~

  3. that is just years old...amazing...
    smiles....even we dont know all the answers so def walk closely
    if you follow me...

  4. Wow he has some talent indeed, balance can sure be tough

  5. I like the idea that when one learns something like piano one has to be ready to walk across the invisible line....and I also like your advice not to follow your advice too closely. Anyone who learns an art needs to develop his/her own style somehow; and it is a good teacher who can foster that in a student. Enjoyed this, Humbird.

  6. I am blown away by this child's talent and genius. I am also happy to see he is still a five year old boy, in the humorous way he ends his pieces and then grins, little-kid happy. I hope he can keep his joy in playing. He already has all the talent anyone could ever need. It is hard to believe his little fingers can do all that! I enjoyed the poem about balance......

  7. oh heck...i wish i could only play half as well... he's awesome... but yes...if you want to play fast on any instrument, you have to practice slowly and steady..with a metronome..ha...i hate metronomes...smiles

  8. now....that's extraordinary........... :O

  9. 'don't take
    my advise too close...we're working...
    mastering skills...'

    what wonderful words to hear from a teacher's mouth (or pen) - love this poem

  10. Like the idea of eyes getting pregnant with tears...........

  11. This was amazing so much talent in those little hands..enjoyed the poem..