Friday, December 28, 2012

A rhythm of perception

...crumpled, squeezed
in stagnation,
skeletal muscle cramp,
by objective reality,
repeating itself
with persistence
of spam,
processing the present
through the rhythm,

in Phillip Glass music -
thirds and triads ostinato -
pause -
to hear the pattern

reality an encounter,
a synchronicity sign -
the hungry coyote...
a trickster, shape-shifter,
high sensory wired,
no tricks between us,

we often contrary
surrounded by buzz:
too brave -
a form of fear,
a loud laugh or prayer,
and weeping
while happy
in sync.

Instincts. Trust them
every split second,
filled by breath,
absorbed by new flare,
of lost essence...

what is that? how it tastes?
firm? - we will fight it,
soft? - not worth to attend.
Burping, sighing,
clinging for peaceful
to deliver
an instructive story,
connect with reality
here to teach us
the endurance in
a face of delay
without acting,
just stay

to keep an energy
and breath
to listen
to any alternative
we need the pause,
the silent mode.
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