Friday, September 21, 2012

The choices

How's intricate the urge of baby
to rich out for the vivid toy
before him, and enjoy it...

The legend says: the key to know
the fate - to show in front of baby
couple choices - 4 subjects as
the points of the earth:

some kind of music instrument,
the abacus, the doll, and flower
to choose between them and empower
your destiny, to feel the calls;

to which the child'll be pulled first -
this hobby must be cultivated further
for successful burst... choices were woven into a braid,
and tightly tied with nylon ribbon
white or brown,

I have been dressed in uniform in school -
just listen, follow the rules -
my rights...opinion? Really?
Is it worth to ponder?...

Dramatic change in Universe,-
no time enough to make right choice,
and every loop we're spinning faster
life carousel - there no disaster

to have 4 subjects as the points of the earth
to be impowered, to feel the call
of peaceful choice.

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