Monday, October 15, 2012


Under the spell of gray sky,
falling leaves're rustling...
the gossips of summer
wrap me with cloak
of bombing petards,

somewhere inside me
crying secretly nestling...
touched by fall withering,
splitting apart...

Low swollen heavens
send nimble spy-drops
to track me...
rapidly forward,
mentally weighting the beats

I find the solace:
the voices are fading,
leaves are returning
to fall storybook
for retreat...


  1. Such a simple wonder it can be
    When stopped and taken in by thee
    A wonderful scene you set
    Enjoyed by this rhyming pet

  2. This lonely vigil/ for love to sprout again/ on thorny branches/ now so stoic & fierce/ the gray sky has decided to mallow for once/ and fall in love once again with the thorn bird!!!