Thursday, November 7, 2013

Living in the moment

living in the moment is all about living like there's no tomorrow

living in the moment is the state of total absorption psychologists call flow, where I found myself, when forgot to close the window; it was the song

'living in the moment' is the first and only ep by metalcore band across five districts in the city,

living in the moment, not expecting to know what the future holds...for me

living in the moment was a choice

living in the moment is one thing; taking action is another

living in the moment is something I've had trouble with for a while, after becoming an insider

living in the moment is impossible,- I thought after overheard the 'men talk' ,considered 

'living in the moment is about having a young bride and receiving all the extras that come along with 

living in the moment... one's greatest gift,' - it struck me

 living in the moment is really the answer?- I wondered in airport and got it:

'living in the moment is highly not recommended due to limited parking spaces and congestion, subscribe to david mitchell ? http' - url of website was erased, and I slowed down...

living in the moment is to smile, - I learned much later, but practice every day.


  1. lol can't get those parking spots at all times, but yeah learn to smile and it goes a mile

  2. nice...i love jason mraz!!!!! well his music...though he did not do good on the CMA awards last night...kinda awkward...ha, parking and congestion...well yes that can def get in the way...smiles....having a young bride and getting all the extras...haha

  3. I like the idea that living in the moment is to smile! I do think this is something we have to keep practicing!

  4. living in the moment is highly not recommended due to limited parking spaces and congestion....haha... i think living in the moment is highly recommended because it improves life quality ba 100% ... weave

  5. "living in the moment is one thing; taking action is another"… that one is right on the money!

  6. Really enjoyable read. Thanks for the smile.

  7. Some thoughtful verses there - I specially like one's greatest gift ~ An excellent seed phrase ~

  8. Love that "living in the moment is highly not recommended"....cackle. Fun!

  9. Oh too bad with the parking spaces. loved that...

  10. I love your ending and the pondering-
    yours is like a wave building and lots of ebb n' flow....

  11. Yes. After all that, practice and preparation--another both/and.

  12. This reads like a meditation. Nicely done.

  13. Living in the moment does make us smile - perhaps because we start to see the wonder in each moment. Nice one;

  14. Well done, especially with a starting line that is already evocative as it is. Each incarnation becomes a chant, almost a mantra, that becomes richer with each Googlism result.

    1. Thanks for the challenge! Googlism - nice tool for getting inspiration!

  15. Thanks, friends! Enjoyed the challenge and your comments!