Saturday, September 29, 2012

Secret code

~ a fairy tale - a lie, but has a hint inside ~
...walking through the prairie
with no trace to follow,
watching full moon grow,
rolling with the wind,
my soul's moaning...

intertwining with sand,
irritated eyes're crying,
dazed ringing ears...
I'm longing for water...
delusion appears...

...two staring eyes
drill a hollow tunnel,
accompanied by howls
of wolf guidance:
not fighting things,
but accepting once,
and taking as shadows
within the core...
don't look back or
as in old fairy tale
you will turn in a stone...

let a flame of frustration
to add the thrills,
arrive in fifth dimension,
in sparkles of screen,
magic portal, invisible door,
forbidden till now...
when you've reached the shore...

enter the mystery by drawing
only to you familiar
the secret code...
the calling

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