Saturday, October 6, 2012


Climbing blue hills...
more stories revealed
with hide and seek
moving, appealed
to children inside us,

who like to explore
all different characters
vibrant galore,
but we've been trained
to quash and avoid
the true little voice,
dissolved in the void...

The frisky sunbeam
touches the sky,
we recognize the face
in disguise...
Forgive for forgetting
the truth who we are,
being not us,
not reaching for stars...

Forgiveness prayer
we're chanting today -
the ritual of burning
our past self decay.

Even knowing
the water'll absorb
the all that not scorched -
with ebbs and flows,
we sporadically,
but become better us
not only knowing,
but fulfilling
divine commands.

1 comment:

  1. Ceasing moment/ you drop the sky, the clouds & wisp of fresh air/ in your word blender, to display/ amazing collage of fluid sky-scape!!