Monday, December 24, 2012

A Transitional Train

What a sense of living?
How to change the pattern?
All world's moving
for worse or better.
'Just wanna this beach NOW!'

Memory brings
old times'
vacations, trips...

Traveling train
uploading passengers,
platform's crowded,
my mom - the proud one,
loud applause,
first time
I'm on the trip

A conductor announces:
the train departs,
greeters, please, leave
the cars...
I'm waving goodbye
to the inner child
of mine,
that granted time,
lovely, forgotten...

Tight coupe,
calming tea
in the glass
with coasters,
strangers become
the toasts, the talk
and good luck,
playing the cards...

Taking the nap
under the lullaby:
steady soft rhythm
orchestral wheels...
crossing the border
security cry
during the night:
'stand up where you are' -
and back to the dream...

sleep till darkness,
swallowed by dawn,
burning sparks
imprinted in glass
picture of window frame
in transitional traveling train...

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