Sunday, October 28, 2012

Evening cold

Mid fall dress,
puzzled faces,
way up hill
almost done.

Timing quest,
walked the traces
life embossed
in my plan.

Pulled the hood,
squeezed the temples,
focused thoughts
evening cold.

Life unfolds-
way up simple-
if you serve
soul call.


  1. Just a simple bit
    As is passes where you sit
    The same melody at play
    Each year at one's bay

  2. It is simple, isn't? Yet it is the hardest thing. Our soul doesn't scream, but it does call. Life and its buzziness can turn our heads where little can be seen.
    Wonderful poem, congratulations!!
    Hugs and Smiles.

  3. Yes, it is simple, but not always easy to follow...Thank you, Pat! Thank you, Konstantina!Love and hugs to you!