Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bona fide

Tearful eyes, pale face,
tall body,
bearing carefully
English lady
with bona fide

lived almost
in royal aprtments,
the manor
in England
with her aunt...
stiff forearms,
clinging to the past...

remember the last:
'will you care for
my teddy bear like
for yours one?'
there she lost
herself with toy
to care about
for so many years
to throw or enjoy...

I: what're you grateful for?
She: nothing
I: whould you like to be happy person?
She: no
I: why?
She: Life is game. How to trust people?
I: listen to your heart, your life experience.
what makes you happy?
She: Helping people.
I: so should you be healthier, happier to show
example, to inspire and uplift others?
She: Oh! (Gloving, with smile) I know I could
uplift prisoners to finding better themselves

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