Monday, December 3, 2012

First was the thought...

Sunday pattern,
wrapped in the fog,
paint an images
in sepia tone,
plunge the brush
in the heart,
the clouds...

a courage raises,
prompts to a pathway,
down, where hectic
events are unfolding...

the crows,
trying on
different voices,
foreign hats,
the main choral
at the portal
of new dimension...

...emerge, come to surface
all, who can...

trying to sort
celebrities and not -
test the intellectual
built to check,
who dare enough
to destroy them...

the soul exhales freely -
Saturn moved away
from my sign -
I'm risking
to chase love
and life -
it's never felt
so exciting...

whatever the thought -
insights arrive
with one horned Pegasus...

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