Friday, November 29, 2013


I look in your face,
and see the gray stains
against a blue…

You open up,
and I’m dazzled
forever by radiance…

Could I survive
when your fiery lips
touching a  forehead?

And I run and I run
and I run to escape
in the chilled
green house
of yesterday,
as if never coveted
you... .

Yet every day
waking up
in the warmth -
for knowing
the gate...

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  1. the chilled green house of yesterday.... ah we cannot flee from what we really love... and sometimes we put it all on one card...

  2. Oh, that last stanza is especially beautiful. I am thinking about the importance of 'knowing the gate.'

  3. Some wonderful imagery here... the green house of yesterday.. I love that.

  4. is good to have our places to escape to...but knowing too the gate is there and you can go back through whenever you want....

  5. A nice confession to give as you escape to a wonderful place