Sunday, November 24, 2013

The calendar

In my calendar
days collide with days
in a kaleidoscope style,
parted with mirrors.

When I reach
the end of the week (fast!)
I barely recognize
the first day  (wee!) -
now it’s passed, past.

So for every day
I try to build
a design, a piece of puzzle,
a code to memorize it
for future reference.

I catch my thoughts
all planned:
encounters, applications…
I feel in control, accountable,
safe, secured my burden,
surrendered to the calendar


I escape in black hole
of my subconscious
and only a cup of coffee
found under piano or
glasses -  in freezer
tell me it’s time
for earthy check in…

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  1. lol glasses in the freezer should state something

  2. a game you play unique to your personality..for me the design is calligraphy and natural papers and sheet music that meanders through the months..

  3. Wonderful recollection of how frazzled we become with a full calendar and so little time to even remember where we put our glasses. I remember in one morning rush my daughter and I couldn't understand why we couldn't see anything with our glasses on and then realized we were wearing each others. Love this poem.

  4. nice...i like the taking of each day and making a design or somthing to remember it def makes each day a special thing that it is....

  5. I enjoyed what you did with this, Irene...our days are kaleidoscopic, pieces of a puzzle. My hope is that when they are seen as a whole, they will be as beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Victoria! Thoughtful prompt!

  6. nice..i like the building a code... and also escape a bit every once and a while..the cup of coffee in the freezer made me laugh out loud....that means you really managed to let go...smiles

  7. It is wonderful to take control and find the balance!

  8. :) something everyone can time flies and we have to remind ourselves to take control.

  9. Glasses in the freezer made me smile. Enjoyed the whizzing sounds of the days and weeks in this poem!

  10. Yes, the days do continue to move on....each day a piece of the puzzle we continue to complete as we travel through life!!

  11. This was such a great read. And I've done that - left bits in places unexpected. The days do pass too hard to keep track of all that is folded into one.

  12. Thanks for reading, friends! Your comments mean fortune for me!!! xx

  13. Some days can be very hectic. This poem describes that feeling well. I love quiet and peaceful days like Sunday. Smiles :)

  14. how true....there would be a maze of codes....:D

  15. loved the way you saw this as a kaleidoscope - pieces clinging against the mirror sho much for our days.

  16. Glasses in the freezer is a worry:) Are you trying to tell us you are a little vague:)

  17. Mondays and coffee always went together in my past.