Sunday, July 21, 2013

Think: foreign

||: foreign thoughts
jumped in my brain –
refrain :||
A headache, right hemisphere pain.
Oy, - touching the head, -
this is not my “bread and butter”,
who is a narrator?...

Thoughts slates move
from left to right,
soft spots fingertips rotate
to fit in the whirl mesh
to open the attic,
to dissolve and smash
what is  negative…
temple to temple,
connect the dots
-   First line –
Third eye- between brows,
reach opposite side –
connect for
-   Second line –
Control room, driven in no time-
I’m inside sitting behind
my eyes as open windows
on an intersection of lines.

Create a red rose…open…discharge
the pain, disembodied voices…
breathe in-out…
Solution (for this time) – found.

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Inspired by Sunday Whirl,  a baker’s dozen ~ wordle 118
Poets United, 
Open Link Monday,
Mastering Alchemy


  1. Cool scifi bent to this prompt.

  2. Humbird, I think what I read in your poem is the effects of a very painful headache. May it come to an end soon.

    1. Smiles, Mary, I'm healed...Thanks.

  3. haha ouch to such a pain, hope it goes far away and boards a train

  4. Love the Eye of God photo and the way cool planetary update.......the poem was great between the two - especially - "dissolve and smash what is negative"......

  5. i do love a good head massage when i get a headache...the temples, the bridge of the nose, the cheeks, the third eye...glad you found some relief there in the end...

  6. Both headache and astronomy work here, depending on perspective. Pretty cool.

  7. Aah. I hope you are cured of your headache. Because the ending looks a bit calm. :)

  8. Strong write, I like your formatting...glad your headache dissipated.

  9. you really captured the intensity and disorientation of a headache! Wow I am so glad you are feeling better =)

  10. Sometimes in pain we travel to places we would never see without it...thank goodness when the pains clears we can return to peace.

  11. Wow, this was powerful and profound~
    Well done

  12. nice...a good head massage can work wonders .. glad you found some relieve in the end

  13. been a couple days...hope all is well....

  14. Thinking loud of the pain. Glad that you are relieved now!