Monday, November 4, 2013

Swirling along the path...

Resurrection-reunion-2 by Stanley Spencer

I dared to walk behind the veil,
following your infinite shadow.
I saw everyone simultaneously on
one huge mountain meadow.

Waiting for the last day of creation,
they all – together, separated by fate,
the purpose of life haven’t embraced,
while traveled on Earth - have gone astray.

Moved by strong invisible impulse,
kneeled down -fists hit the chest,
whispered the passionate words of repentance,
grateful for a chance to rebirth at the quest.

Moving in dance's precise rhythm,
they waved white handkerchief - catalyst,
sacred voice from distance emitted,
filling the souls with hope and bliss.

                                   Brenda Warren

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  1. really a magical write...from the seeing everyone simultaneously to the falling to the knees and hitting the the chance....really liked that...smiles.

  2. Wave the white flag and all can be bliss, that would be grand across the land

  3. magical indeed...thanks for sharing the glimpse you took behind the veil...beyond the visible...nice..

  4. I feel the magical force passing through, so daring we move, so happy we are to dance.