Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bodies become the landscape

            Everything flows,
          everything changes…
A river’s flowing from a distance
tortuous line on the map
loosely belting  the earth.

A river’s laving stones/bones,
collecting DNA codes
a crystallizing salt.

A river’s flowing along the trenches,
amplifying undone criticized
thoughts, deeds, debts…
under the bridges of spines
sipping the moaning water
since the cradle of humankind-
bodies become the landscape…

A river’s flowing through me,
and I know for sure:
found in future the artifact pile,
will prove to  offspring –
we were…we walked at the earth,
we were alive.

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Inspired by: PU Verse First: The Body Becomes The Landscape

Three Word Wednesday: amplify, criticize, moan

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  1. What better epitaph than to write "they walked the earth", hopefully implying they did no harm.

  2. a great journey within self......

  3. since the cradle...bodies becoming the landscape....nice...really cool flow as well through the laving/bones and dna codes....

  4. Ah yes, one thing is for certain....everything changes. And the river does indeed keep on flowing.

  5. I love the lengths you went to explore the concept of a river's flow.

  6. your 'landscape of humankind', is near Eden-like, enjoyed

    much love...

  7. "since the cradle of humankind-
    bodies become the landscape…"

    Well, lets hope we keep it as clean and beautiful as possible (which will take some work on our part)

  8. I love this whole concept - that our bodies become the landscape, to say "we lived, we walked the earth". Cool.

  9. Down be the river it collects, hopefully my dna it neglects

  10. Wonderfully creative. I enjoyed reading this very much. The rivers flow indeed.

  11. I adore the momentum leading to the powerful last two lines.

  12. I love the way the river wends its way through life.
    We like the river were indeed alive

  13. A river’s flowing through me, - I can touch this spring of hope and the flow of feelings. Very nice. .

  14. i really like how the river is at a distance and later revealed to be within you. a well spring... very cool write...

  15. "a river's flowing through me
    and will prove to offspring we were alive"!
    I love river analogies, and river love.

  16. Beautiful imagery - I particularly like the bridges of spines..

  17. I like the analogy. I do wonder what those rivers will really tell our offspring. I guess it is really up to us, isn't it?

  18. Loved the way you have knitted this piece!