Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heavenly socks

“All socks go to heaven”

I saw a flock
offsuit flying socks
in the midst of afternoon
shocked …

when temp climbs up
to 90 degrees
they’re flying to North-

of what so valuable
wear when cold –
intending to fetch

socks’re flying
to match with others
free open hearted

so if you notice them
staring at you
from happy received
feet –

know-they’re proud
couple who found
the way to fit.

Image credit:  www.palyvore.com

Theme Thursday: socks

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Poetry Jam: lost


  1. ha. i like the thought of them as the proud couple that found a way to fit....very cool...and this time of year with the weather cooling you get to see some pretty cool socks...

  2. They give us warmth, even though we keep them at our feet.

  3. Great feeling and so true, i always lose my socks, just like a lose truths and promises. Then its mix and match. Lots here to think on and admire. Well done.

  4. This made me smile really....thinking of so many LOST socks flying in search of their matches. I have always wondered what has happened to all my lost socks. Now I know!! I like your idea & also the picture you chose.

  5. This was a light fun read..finding the missing sock or the mismatched socks that seem to fit well together.

  6. Love the play on mismatched socks and finding two that fit well together. Fun read.

  7. haha socks can mix and socks can match, never know what could hatch

  8. I love the idea of mix and match, search and find, paired and repaired, happily joined ... what a fun ppiece!

  9. Creative solution to the old question of the lost socks!!

  10. I still haven't figured out where all the lost socks go, but this sounds like a reasonable explanation. = )

  11. entertaining read..dilemma of 'fly away' socks solved..find a suitable match..

  12. Purchase half dozen each of black socks and brown socks. Just pick any 3 in the dark and you'll have a match of either 2 blacks or 2 browns. You can never go wrong!


  13. ...a fun, delightful read in a typical tiring night after work... thanks for the poem... smiles...

  14. Oh now I know where all the lost socks go! Very cute :)

  15. Socks, I like the lightness of reading here.

  16. Lost socks! How clever of you .. this is delightful!

  17. Very fun write! Always wondered where those socks went--love how you ended with the pair finding a way to fit! Perfect :-)

  18. Fun and uplifting. The photo was a great visual. Thanks for sharing.

  19. All socks must truly go to "Sock Heaven" and it is probably somewhere up North where is it really cold. I could just picture socks flying through the air doing a sock dance on their way. All the beautiful colored ones and those with patterns intertwined with white and black ones. Cold air sounds especially wonderful right now with our temps almost reaching 100 degrees, I just want to take a ride with all those heavenly socks. I like the idea of mismatched pairs finding another mate. May we all be so lucky throughout our lives to do the same.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. May your weekend be filled with lots of happy music and socks dancing to the beat.

    God bless.

    1. O dear, thank YOU for such a theme which resonates with many people! Love my socks very much, but this is KIDS who teach us mixing them and other things. We must pay attention how they feel the life...and follow their advises...Fun weekend to you! :)xx

  20. Thank you everyone for commenting! I really had fun with the SOCKS! Hope - you enjoyed the theme too!

  21. Such a brilliant story ... loved reading it :-)

  22. kind of like "opposites attract" :)