Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Law of 3 claws

The Moth and the Lamp, Cesar Santos 

Bizarre rash of apples happened this fall, when wind came to rule the roost in the grove. Toll pile of new homes was filled by the end of the day.
From cradle yet babies have learned the Law of 3 claws:
fight tooth and claw , when claw your way to the top, and keep/get
the claw into fortune.
Many chose to live as exiles in the secret of metamorphosis. 
The sophisticated chrysalises  swayed in whistling  waves of shepherd wind’ stories. Their vibrant images  penetrated through elastically transparent skin, fascinated virgins.

One story  - about tiger moth, produced ultrasonic clicks with its body to confuse bats by jamming their sonar. Another –  a story of Madagascar moth, who could win the prize for the unique reaching 14 inches tongue.

Archie had no clues how to get out to free himself. Once, when he fell asleep- the spirits with wings surrounded him with words: “It’s very bright. Be careful!”
Peering in their faces ….

An awakening has stunned, burning smoke got a hold of all senses…

- Informed the brochure he brought  from the local library.

Images credits: The Mag and Sunday Whirl


  1. Curiously engaging, impressive...

  2. While the ending might read tragic, the tale is lovely. I like the law of 3 claws.

  3. Wow, great tale and stories of moths I never would have thought

  4. that is pretty cool....esp the section...Many chose to live as exiles in the secret of metamorphosis...there is a bit of nature magic in that...though nature can be tragic as well...

  5. what a cool story about that tiger moth, producing ultrasonic clicks with its body to confuse bats by jamming their cool is that..? ha.. nature is clever... smiles

  6. Yes it is an exile i suppose, lonely and terrifying at times, but immensely rewarding, theres no turning back ! .... Cheers

  7. Fascinating and well written! My friend Faith and I combined the Magpie Tales and Sunday Whirl prompts in our work too.

  8. Seeing babies fighting over apple sauce would sure be a disturbing sight.

  9. Great fantasy - hope this has a part 2

    thanks so for the visit today :)

  10. I love the language you use, vivid and fantastical =)

  11. It's somewhat cool at the end. But great word craft and lots of good advice to think about. Nicely humbird!


  12. hey just wanted to make sure you were ok...been a pretty quiet week from you....

    1. Problems with electricity....writing on sleeves... Work from library today. :)x
      Thank you, Brian for note