Friday, September 20, 2013

Oh, smiling face

Vibrant, easygoing, he approached people and the routine
 in a blink of eye, tolerating with dignity freezing pause in 
response or acrylic nails’ knock, echoing whole day in the brain…

Handsome, with bursting smile, always ready to turn in choleric
laugh, this man has become the walking example of the best…

Today at the director' office, facing the fact of extraordinary 
business trip, feeling as if stepped in icy water, he inadvertently
dropped his face: ‘What the…’

Little sparks spilled all over the room…

When his great soul had shriveled to fit back to body, 
frustrated teacher has found himself in the midst of hysterically
laughing colleagues… 

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  1. intriguing...makes me def think of the masks we wear to cover up what is really happening in our souls...and i think the others are just laughing to cover the fear it might happen to them as well..

  2. Cover up each day and then somethings just break through them at in opportune times