Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Archie the Worm

That day, when I wandered after first autumn rain
along the fresh glowing on the sun puddles,
Archie seemed has been busy observing
an apple stalk, thrown by someone in a puddle.

Large spotted ladybug perched on the top of it,
as if glued, ignoring sliding juicy surface.
On the side below, two ants teamed up working hard
sawed the piece to take out for breakfast.
 A colorful butterfly fluttered above them,
looking for the spot to land.

Nobody noticed an appearance of Archie the Worm…

He froze for while swaying into melancholy
of doubt: to come or not to come closer…
Following the ripples in the puddle, it was easy
to guess his thoughts…

To come now would be a blunder. Archie
cringed just imagined as if in a dream
the scene with a Ladybug slowly falling
at him, squashing his guts…

Zigzagging his ring-shaped torso
Archie framed the puddle in digress.
One more chapter’s completed.

Archie was a Book Worm. 

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  1. I think bookworms largely go unnoticed by the world.

  2. haha nice ending. Bookworms imaginations know no bounds.

  3. That's a really cute poem :) very enjoyable read

  4. ha. nice....def a cute story...reminded me of a kids story....and i def like to consume some books...smiles.

  5. ha me a decent book worm...smiles

  6. Smiling here...very nice book worm story ~

  7. Ha! I'll share this poem with my children, am sure they'll like it! The ending had me laughing out loud.

  8. Very clever. My attention was captured throughout the poem, and at the end I smiled.

  9. Chuckles! A surprise twist at the end. Nicely humbird!


  10. Enjoyed this fun more chapter's completed..

  11. And a bookworm knows where all the best passages are!!! A fun piece for sure!