Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Grey Days

I parted the curtains. Sky struck me with bruising 
hues, flowed chaotically, formed amazing maze
with no exit…

The light waned from time to time.
Migrating pouty clouds slided annoyingly
back and forth.

Head started spinning. No balance…
Lied down. Closed eyes.
But still seeing them…

What the challenge
to keep the balance,
even for weather…

Sun’s golden ray in disgust reached the curtain,
hiding ironical smile: soon wadded blessing
will be released for good.

Three Word Wednesday


  1. OOO...wild and uninhibited poem - gave me a 60's I'm at Woodstock feel.

  2. def felt a bit of vertigo in this...i dont like the spins, just saying...urk! do like the blessings released for good though...smiles.

  3. Finally getting the release, can take some doing but can be done

  4. Oh so beautiful! Took me right into the room!

  5. Well done, A few more posts like this and I'll probably follow you! :D

  6. Well you can't expect the different elements of the weather coming to an agreement. The Sun goes blindingly on ignoring the petty squabbles beneath him.

  7. love the play of shade and light...clouds and sun...and yeah...not so easy to to keep the balance..