Friday, August 16, 2013

The Chain

She’s                    1
been                    1      

carrying her cross,                 2

not realizing it was               3

not her….            5

counting reasons, obstacles, ’why life as prison’,
pointing on surrounding                8

figures as if they had thread and needles to sew
                her to them to support the path –
how this fatal chain to pass?                  13


She’s been carrying her cross,
not realizing it was
not her….           
counting reasons,
’why life as prison’,
pointing on surrounding     
as if they had
thread and needles
to sew her to them
to support the path…

how this fatal chain to pass?        

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for d'Verse 'Form For All' , I'm using Fibonacci Series for my poem: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13


  1. sometimes we do carry things around that are not ours to carry... the part with the thread and needles leaves much room for interpretation as well

  2. Each is a link, break one you could sink

  3. Very nicely crafted. Love your choice with the form, and your words are just wow!

  4. I specially like the opening line, carrying her cross ~ Good one for the prompt ~

  5. nice intensity to this...the carrying the cross...and finding a prison....but then the sewing her to them....def we oft carry more than our crosses with us...and that gets heavy...

  6. ...quite the martyr she is... but then who knows the real deal why she did it... well expressed... enjoyed it... smiles...

  7. My fingers won't obey your counting pattern,
    but then...who cares when your poem intriguingly mysterious

  8. I think its a neat idea to do the count and then reassemble the poem into more flowing lines.

  9. Meaningful fibonacci here. Sometimes in life we lose count, and that's okay!

  10. Thanks for all thoughtful comments! Appreciated very much!

  11. I have issues with guilt and tend to blame myself for things not in my power to control, powerful poem

  12. Each of us carry a cross in our own way..but, each is a link in the chain of life and that chain is linked to the universe.

  13. Nice the moment of realizing it was someone else's cross! Asif they had sewn her to it. Who ever knows when we began to pick up the chains? Beautiful.

  14. As I read this it really sparked in me how we genetically are bound in some ways to a cross we are forced to carry and because of that we become bound to a cross that we have created. How do we become free of the crosses we were never intended to carry? Realizing that it was never ours ... Excellent! You made me think and ponder. :-)

    Love this, "how this fatal chain to pass?"