Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pensive leaf

Serenity comes later. Yet grown up enough, visible to
surrounded mature trees, a leaf fearlessly opens up
 plates for sun's reading pleasure.

Anticipating the  pigment change it’s inhaling joy
while vibrant light  runs through  veins.

The leaf furls, trembling of all belated doubts whispering 
by mockingbird wind, blocked by life texture…

Three Words Wednesday


  1. Such a wind could bring serenity about

  2. interesting...i think the leaves add so much texture to fall..the crunch under foot the skitter as it plays in the wind....i do think there is a serenity that comes with maturity as well...

  3. Changing colors in the fall wind..finding a piece of serenity. A reflective poem.

  4.'s texture... it takes time for it to build... and serenity comes with age and wisdom...nice

  5. I love your view! Autumn is my favorite season and you sure painted a beautiful view :D
    Yes, very reflective-I love it~