Thursday, August 22, 2013

A pain

As if a mermaid, who just got her new couple of legs,
she lived every step in pain, gently touching the base,
and once reached the nerve of issue,
stepped aside to find a new one…

Places and things kept the scars of her touch
feeling/being never the same again.
Her voice cut through in a rare moment
at climax discovering truth…

It’s a pain brought her to place, where she heard 
forgotten song…
No doubt. She spoke from the heart. It felt like in 
dream coming home…

Love washed over suddenly. Stretched horizon 
and smile on her face. The sky have been changed. 
Affirmations flashed at twilight.World opened 
new doors…

Former ‘mermaid’ though bore in mind original 
reason for her transformation…

Image credit:

d'Verse Open Link Night


  1. Grass isn't always greener indeed or water isn't always wetter lol

  2. bit of magic in the fact that everything she touches it leaves a mark or impression....even the sky...and each of us bear similar power....

  3. ah i like that she bore the original reason for her transformation in mind...and the painful start as well

  4. I also like the final verse of this, which completes it well.

  5. I would think it would really be hard to transition from a mermaid to a human. I like the story that you told in your poem.

  6. Very painful to get to the nerve of an issue - and hard again and again - seems as if there was some relief here though. Very interesting poem. k .

  7. Contemplating of a change to touch. Mermaid to human! Many desire the other way round as well! Nicely humbird!


  8. A world of new doors..Hope the mermaid likes what she finds in the human world.

  9. interesting read..painful transition for love and by means of love..nice story